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SkyFi 3 Wireless Telescope Controller USB Ingrandisci

SkyFi 3 Wireless Telescope Controller USB

TS Optics

SouthernStars SkyFi 3 - Wireless USB and RS-232 Telescope Controller

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  • SkyFi III is the only WiFi device on the market specifically designed for telescope control
  • ♦ Wirelessly enables almost any Go-To telescope with a standard USB or RS-232 serial interface
  • ♦ Built-in rechargeable battery with up to 12 hours of life under continuous use
  • ♦ Very compact, barely larger than an iPhone
  • ♦ Can be easily attached to telescope´s mount or tripod, velcro loop included
  • ♦ Requires no pairing and no special drivers
  • ♦ SkySafari Plus and Pro apps, for iOS, Android and Mac OSX, are specifically designed to communicate with SkyFi
  • ♦ In opposite to the image, no power supply is included. For charging the device, a micro USB cable is necessary, together with a USB connector.


 SouthernStars SkyFi 3 - Wireless USB and RS-232 Telescope Controller [EN]

SouthernStars SkyFi 3 - Wireless USB and RS-232 Telescope Controller

SkyFi III is a WiFi-to-Serial adapter, designed for wireless telescope control. If you have a computer-controlled GoTo telescope, SkyFi III can use the WiFi capabilities built into your computer and your iOS or Android device to point your telescope in the sky. SkyFi III is the only WiFi device on the market specifically designed for telescope control, and it now includes a built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery for up to 12 hours of field use! In case this time is not sufficient, any USB port with at least 1 A current rating (and a matching cable) is sufficient for electrical supply or recharging.

SkyFi III includes both USB and serial ports - this means that it can control the latest USB-only telescopes from Meade as well as other telescopes with RS-232 serial interfaces.

What´s included?

SkyFi III is very compact, barely larger than an iPhone. It can be easily attached to your telescope´s mount or tripod; a Velcro belt is included for that purpose.

SkyFi III has a micro USB connector for external power. It can be powered or charged from a standard 5V USB port on your computer. You can also power SkyFi III from a car battery using a "cigarette lighter" micro USB adapter (not included).

Note: the micro USB cable is also not supplied, so please buy one in a computer or electronics shop.

How it works

Once powered on, SkyFi III creates its own 802.11 wireless network. By default, this is an open wireless network called "SkyFi", but you can rename and secure it later on. Join this network from your mobile device, laptop, or other computer, and - voila! - you´re ready to use SkyFi III. As long as your computer or mobile device gets its IP address by DHCP, no additional network configuration is required.

Use your existing telescope serial cable and plug directly into SkyFi III - you don´t need to buy (or build!) another. If you don´t already have one for your telescope, see here for our selection.

Finally, you´ll also need a telescope control application running on your computer or mobile device. SkyFi III works seamlessly with our SkySafari apps for iOS and Android devices, our SkySafari software running on Mac OS X, and our Starry Night software on Mac and via Virtual Serial Port on Windows.

Telescope Compatibility

SkyFi III can wirelessly enable almost any telescope with a standard USB or RS-232 serial interface. Models that have been tested and are known to work with SkyFi III include:

Meade LX-200 Classic and GPS
Meade LX-90, ETX, LXD, LX-400 ACF with AutoStar #497 controllers
Celestron NexStar 5i/8i, GPS, SLT, SE
Celestron CG5, CGE, CGEM, CPC
Orion Sirius, Atlas, SkyView Pro, SkyQuest XTg
SkyWatcher mounts with SynScan controllers
If your Meade ETX has the AutoStar 494, change it out with the 497 (which has a serial port)

The only models that do not work with SkyFi III are those that have neither USB nor RS-232 serial ports. Such models include:

Vixen mounts with StarBook controllers

The Vixen StarBook controller uses an ethernet interface, which is also physically incompatible with SkyFi III. However, you can use an Apple AirPort Express (or other wireless router) to control the StarBook from our SkySafari iPhone app. This document from Vixen explains how. You also need to configure SkySafari to communicate with the StarBook controller at on port 80.

  • Technical Data

Data input: 802.11, self-created
Ports for controlling: USB, RS-232
Power supply: 5 V built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
Operating time: Up to 12 hours of field use with one charge, longer with external power supply
External power port: Micro USB connector, also used for charging


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