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Protective T-Ring for Canon EOS con UV/IR Block Ingrandisci

Protective T-Ring for Canon EOS con UV/IR Block

Baader Planetarium

Baader Protective Canon DSLR T-Ring with UV/IR Blockfilter 

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Codice articolo: BA2958550L

  • Baader Protective Canon DSLR T-Ring with UV/IR Blockfilter

♦ Baader Protective Canon DSLR T-Ring with UV/IR Blockfilter - stopps the IR light and saves the sensor

 Baader Protective Canon DSLR T-Ring with UV/IR Blockfilter [EN]

The Baader protective T-Ring has an integrated IR/UV blockfilter with 50.4mm diameter and 3mm thickness. This filter is senseful for cameras with removed original IR blockfilter.

Fields of use:
♦ Protects the sensor against dust. Especially useful for modified DSLR cameras with removed IR cut filter.

♦ Replaces the original IR cut filter of the camera which is not very red-sensitive

The Protective T-Ring for Canon EOS DSLR cameras offers (beneath mechanical benefits) problem solvings. It accepts mounted 2" and unmounted 50.4 mm filtes and can be placed in front of the camera body without wasting optical length.

 Baader Protective Canon DSLR T-Ring with UV/IR Blockfilter [EN]

Advantages and fields of use of the Baader Protective T-ring:
♦ versatile adaptation to telescopes and tele lenses with best mechanical quality
♦ use filters directly in front of the camera without loosing valuable optical path
♦ protect your camera sensor: the ring can always remain in front of the camera so no dust can intrude
♦ expose free of vignetting, even with fast systems

Alternative to clip filters and camera retrofittings:
Baader´s Protective T-Ring is an alternative to camera conversions with special filters. Just remove the internal filter completely for maximum astro-performance and choose an interchangeable filter for your indivdidual needs. We also offer this service: Art.No. DSLRUmbauOF.

Instead of directly in front of the sensor, the IR filter is integrated into the T-ring. Or use the effective Baader UHC nebula filter.

 Baader Protective Canon DSLR T-Ring with UV/IR Blockfilter [EN]

Learn how to use the filter together with correctors with 55 mm working distance:

Baader Canon protective T-ring with filter - why does it shorten the optical length?
The mechanical length of the protective T-ring is 11.5 mm. This is slightly longer than the standard T-ring with 10 mm. But nevertheless the protective T-ring can be used instead of a standard T-ring. You maintain the required back focus of standard correctors even if the in-fact position is 1 mm farer away than a standard ring.

Why? The filter is the answer. Although it does not alter the focal length, it shortens the effective length by approx. 1/3 of its thickness. The optical rays follow a different path inside the filter. As the Baader filters are 3 mm thick, 1/3 of this amount is 1 mm. So the glass path of the filter shortens the optical length from 11.5 to 10.5 mm. You are inside the corrector´s tolerance with this value.

If you use the standard correctors designed for 55 mm back focus, you´ll have perfect stars with your DSLR camera. Baader´s protective T-ring as an alternative to Canon IR-cut filter retrofittings: Canon EOS cameras should be modified for astronomical use because their internal standard IR cut filter is not intended for astronomical objects. Often this filter is replaced by another IR filter with better H-alpha transmission or by a so-called clip-filter.

The alternative: The original filter can also be removed without replacement. We offer this service with the article "DSLRUmbauOF". Now you can place a filter of your choice directly in the Baader protective T-ring.

 Baader Protective Canon DSLR T-Ring with UV/IR Blockfilter [EN]

♦ Benefit from the wide choice of 2" filters
♦ Less internal reflections because the filter is farer away from the sensor
♦ The camera body is protected against dus
♦ Less vignetting, especially with full format sensors
♦ Changing the filter is easier

Compared with clip-in-filter solutions, you gain further advantages:
♦ The filter can be used for both APS-C and full format DSLR cameras
♦ Optimal field illumination without T2-bottleneck
♦ The whole internal room of the camera is protected, not only the sensor
♦ The protective T-ring is filter holder AND camera adapter in one
♦ Best mechanical adaptation possible
♦ Mounted standard 2" filters and unmounted 50.4 mm filters can be used.


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