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Kendrick Standard Dew Controller Ingrandisci

Kendrick Standard Dew Controller

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Standard Kendrick DUAL Channel Dew Controller - 2x Channels 4x outputs



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Codice articolo: KE2001-SDCC

The Kendrick standard dual channel dew heater controller is used with Kendrick dew heater strips, to warm your telescope, spotting scope or camera lens, eliminating fogging or dewing. It's very simple, easy to use, compact, and lightweight. There are 4x RCA jacks on the controller into which you can plug your heater strips. For example, you can keep the main objective lens of your small telescope or camera, an eyepiece, a finder scope and a guide scope – all condensation-free!

Whether you're an astronomer or photographer, you can keep your optics free of fogging in damp cold conditions.

 Standard Kendrick DUAL Channel Dew Controller - 2x Channels 4x outputs [EN]

Unique features include:

4x 12 VDC power RCA outputs to clear your telescope or DSLR camera lens of dew. *
2x separate control knobs, each knob controlling 2x outputs over a 0% to 100% power range.
Tactile click indication at 50% power on both knobs.
3x LED indicators, one for each channel showing if it's active.
A power on/off switch with and a central power indicator.
Overcurrent protection mode with LED indicator on both outputs, and a unique on-board fuse with an auto-reset.
Compact yet tough 3" x 4" x 1.35" plastic case, weighing 190 grams.
Fused male cigarette lighter plug on a detachable 6' long. This detachable power cord can be connected to a 12v car cigarette lighter plug or rechargeable 12V DC battery.
The Kendrick standard dual channel dew controller uses MOSFET transistors in the controller circuit board and each power output so there are no voltage drops. This gives you the best possible performance out of your heater strips.
In addition, the Kendrick controller is reverse polarity protected.
The controller is RFI (radio frequency interference) free, an absolute necessity if you are digital imager.
Supplied with Velcro strips to attach to a telescope or tripod.

 Standard Kendrick DUAL Channel Dew Controller - 2x Channels 4x outputs [EN]

How it works: The power output can be varied from 0% to 100% with Pulse Width Modulation duty cycle switching. The power going to your heaters is regulated by turning the power on and off many times each minute. For example, when the controller is set to the 50% point, the heaters draw the same amount of current whenever they are on, but they are only on for 50% of the time.

Is it big enough for my telescope? Owners of 12" and larger SCTs may need two controllers – one for the main objective heater and a second for any other heaters you wish to operate. The heater strips for the objectives of these size scopes can nearly max out the power output capacity of the controller by themselves.

* We have fused the power cord at 7 amps even though the controller is capable of amperages of 5 amps per channel (10 amps total). We do not recommend replacing the power cord fuse with a larger fuse as the power input socket is not rated for a higher amperage.

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