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TS-Optics Photoline 80 mm f/6.25 Triplet FPL53 APO - carbon - 2.5" focuser

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  • 80 mm super apo with no relevant chromatic aberration, focuser similar to Feather Touch, easily transportable carbon fiber tube - perfect for astrophotography

  TS-Optics Photoline 80 mm f/6.25 Triplet FPL53 APO - carbon - 2.5" focuser [EN]
  • ♦ 80 mm aperture for sufficient light-gathering power and good portability
  • ♦ 500 mm focal length and 2.5" focuser allows for large image fields
  • ♦ Free of chromatic aberration through FPL53 triplet lens (glass from Ohara - Japan) with focal ratio 1:6.25
  • ♦ Carbon fiber tube for optimal thermal behavour, best stiffness and reduced weigth - the apochromat weighs only 3.48 kg with rings and dovetail bar
  • ♦ 2.5" focuser similar to the Feather Touch design with 1.25", 2" and M63 thread connector
  • ♦ Can be easily combined with the Riccardi Reducer and the PhotoLine correctors from TS-Optics - for astrophotography
  • ♦ Extensive scope of delivery - comes with accessories like CNC tube rings, finder shoe, dovetail bar ...
  • ♦ The high-quality aluminium case offers enough space for accessories and provides protection against dust, moisture and shocks.


  TS-Optics Photoline 80 mm f/6.25 Triplet FPL53 APO - carbon - 2.5" focuser [EN]

TS Photoline 80 mm f/6.25 Superapo with 2.5" CNC dual speed focuser and carbon fiber tube
The 3-element Photoline 80 mm FPL53 apochromat was substantially redeveloped by TS. The apochromat has one of the best 80 mm triplet lenses and a photographically optimized rack and pinion CNC focuser according to the principle of newer Starlight Feather-Touch focusers.

The carbon tubus offers maximum stiffness and a good thermal behaviour. The total weight of the telescope is only 3.48 kg including tube rings and dovetail bar. The result is a travel apochromat with an image free of residual color error and also with optimal spherical correction.

This telescope offers better illumination than any other refractor with this aperture. You can achieve a field of view up to 5.5° or increase magnification up to 200x without any decline of sharpness.

  TS-Optics Photoline 80 mm f/6.25 Triplet FPL53 APO - carbon - 2.5" focuser [EN]

Advantages and features of the TS 80/500mm apo at a glance:

♦ 80/500 mm triplet lens without colour blur - APO element made of FPL53 from Ohara (Japan)
♦ High-quality carbon fiber tube
♦ 2.5" CNC focuser - rotatable - with M63 connection thread for screw adaptions
♦ Dual speed for accurate focusing
♦ CNC tube rings / dovetail bar with slotted hole
♦ Retractable dew-cap - transport length only 350 mm with removed tube parts

The object lens of the TS 80/500 triplet apochromat:

The triplet objective offers a pure-coloured image, it fulfills the criteria of a true apochromat. The lens also offers best possible spherical correction and our experience has shown that it is on par with Russian lenses. The APO element comes from Ohara (Japan). The fully multicoated triplet lens is mounted into an adjustable cell and, of course, designed with air space.

The two diagrams above show objectively the outstanding image of the apochromat on the axis and in the field. We don´t know any objective with this aperture in this class with better imaging.

  TS-Optics Photoline 80 mm f/6.25 Triplet FPL53 APO - carbon - 2.5" focuser [EN]

The 2.5" CNC focuser of the TS 80/500 triplet apochromat:

The 2.5" focuser provides better stability and accuracy than most Crayford focusers we know. Adjustment is done via rack and pinion with 1:10 dual speed. Locking is performed on the driving shaft, avoiding tilting.

♦ Connections: M63 thread (for the Riccardi Reducer and other things) 2" and 1.25" with brass compression ring
♦ Dual speed: 1:10 reduction
♦ 360° rotatable
♦ Micro scale for reproducible focus positions

Photograpic usage - one telescope, two focal lengths for photography!

Focal length 350 mm / focal ratio 1:4.5: The comfortable focus position allows using the outstanding Riccardi 0.75x reducer. The focal length is reduced to 375 mm and the speed is increased to f/4,5. At the same time, sensors up to 42 mm diameter are fully illuminated.

Focal length 500 mm / focal ratio 1:6.25: With the TS 2.5" full-frame flattener, you can achieve 100% illumination even with full-frame sensors. The less expensive TS 2" flattener is very well suited for sensors up to 30 mm diameter.

You can find the recommended distances and adapter suggestions in the "Reviews" section. You can find the necessary accessories in the "Recommended accessories" section.

Of course, safe transportation of such a telescope is helpful, so an aluminium case is included in the scope of delivery, it offers sufficient space for the most important accessories.

  TS-Optics Photoline 80 mm f/6.25 Triplet FPL53 APO - carbon - 2.5" focuser [EN]

  • Technical Data

Aperture: 80 mm
Focal length: 500 mm (f/6.25)
Lens: Triplet lens with FPL53 APO element
Coating: Fully multi-coated
Tube: Carbon tube
Tube diameter: 90 mm
Tube length: approx. 350 mm transport length
Focuser: 2.5" CNC dual-speed focuser
Resolution: 1.44"
Limiting magnitude: 11.3 mag
Finder shoe: Vixen/Skywatcher style
Tube rings: CNC machined
Dovetail bar: GP style with slotted holes and photo thread
Weight: 3.48 kg

  • In the Box

♦ TS Triplet Apo 80/500 mm
♦ Aluminium case with foam inlay and space for accessories
♦ 2.5" CNC dual-speed focuser with finder base
♦ CNC tube rings and Vixen GP style dovetail bar with slotted holes

  TS-Optics Photoline 80 mm f/6.25 Triplet FPL53 APO - carbon - 2.5" focuser [EN]

  TS-Optics Photoline 80 mm f/6.25 Triplet FPL53 APO - carbon - 2.5" focuser [EN]

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