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Erecting Lens 1,5x da 31.8mm Ingrandisci

Erecting Lens 1,5x da 31.8mm

TS Optics

TS-Optics Optics TSELR1 Erecting Lens 1,5x - 1,25 inch for reflector telescopes

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Codice articolo: TSELR1

Provides correct up/down and left/right orientation with direct vision when using refractors

♦ Image is correctly orientated.

♦ Suitable for almost all telescopes

♦ Adds 50% focal length and thus magnifying power

♦ Intended to use for daylight observations

♦ 1.25" barrel size

♦ Suitable for all refractors for direct vision

 TS-Optics Optics TSELR1 Erecting Lens 1,5x - 1,25 inch for reflector telescopes [EN]

Each refractor shows an upside-down image with sides mirrored if it is used in direct vision (without star diagonal).

With these accessories, the image is upright again and, if an Amici prism is used, not mirrored anymore. On the other hand, view has a 90° angle or, with Amici prisms for terrestrial use, a 45° angle instead.

Especially when viewing at daylight, one oftens wants to look into the same direction as the telescope. The TS Erecting Lens solves this problem and you have a correct image orientation in your telescope, but without angled insight.

The TS Erecting Lens also works great with nearly any other type of telescope, apart from Newtonian telescopes, for which we offer a separate solution. At Schmidt-Cassegrains, Maksutov telescopes and refractors, it even replaces the star diagonal. That is useful if you want to view straight trhough the telescope. Here, it also offers a correctly orientated image where up is up and left is left.


Type:Erectin lens
Barrel size:1.25" (31.7 mm)
Suitable for:all telescopes with 1.25" receptacle
Magnification increase:50%



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