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Atik Horizon Color

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ATIK Horizon color CMOS Camera cooled, Sensor D 21.9 mm

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Codice articolo: AtikHorizonC

The ATIK Horizon color camera uses a state-of-the-art CMOS sensor from Panasonic with amazing sensitivity for astrophotography.

♦ Sensor: 4/3" CMOS sensor color with 21.9 mm diameter from Panasonic with 16 MP

♦ High resolution through 3.8 µm pixels - 4656 x 3520 pixels

♦ 256 MB DDR3 image buffer for more stable data transport - prevents amp glow even with USB 2.0

♦ Regulated Peltier cooling up to 40 °C below ambient temperature

♦ Extremely low ~1e read noise - ideal for short exposure times and smooth images

♦ Short download time through USB 3.0 - can also be used with USB 2.0

♦ Fully compatible with the proven ARTEMIS software and Infinity software from ATIK for optimal camera control. Alternatively, the ASCOM driver can be downloaded.

♦ Extensive scope of delivery

♦ The camera is made in Europe

  ATIK Horizon color CMOS Camera cooled, Sensor D 21.9 mm [EN]

ATIK Horizon Color Astro Camera, with CMOS sensor, cooled

The Atik Horizon is the first CMOS camera from Atik. Therefore Atik opens itself to this interesting technology, as one of the first professional CCD camara manufacturers. A state-of-the-art 16 MP sensor from Panasonic offers a sensitivity of which one could only dream of with previous CCD cameras. Additionally, the sensor convinces with an extremely low read noise, the image is smoother and low-noise, even at very short exposure times.

The "single shot" color camera offers more comfort, compared with MONO cameras. Not everyone wants to follow through the laborious L-RGB technique for beautiful colored nebula images. The color cameras offer a possibility to get beautiful images without changing filters. However, good nebula filter (see accessory recommendation) reduce stray light and enhance contrast without the necessity of being changed or coloring the image too much.

The advantages and features of the ATIK Horizon CMOS cameras:

♦ 16 MP 4/3″ CMOS Sensor - QE approx. 60%
♦ very high sensitivity also in H-alpha
♦ 256 MB DDR3 image buffer - no amp glow
♦ can be used with USB 3.0 or with USB 2.0
♦ Powerful Peltier cooling up to 40 °C below ambient
♦ ASCOM, Artemis and Infinity software compatible
♦ High-quality machined housing
♦ Backfocus / working distance from the T2-thread: 13 mm
♦ The camera is also compatible with the HyperStar systems from 8" upwards and with the Celestron RASA. The diameter of the housing ist 74 mm.

  ATIK Horizon color CMOS Camera cooled, Sensor D 21.9 mm [EN]

Amp Glow Control

From the outset, the Horizon has benefited from a built-in 256 MB DDR3 image buffer to remove amp glow and other artifacts caused by data transfer over USB2, all while preventing issues with dropped frames.

Fused quartz cover glass with full IR transmission

This protective window lets IR radiation pass. The good sensor sensitivity beyond H-alpha also allows the exciting use for infrared photography with suitable optics. The protective window has already proven well for the Atik cameras and additionally prevents condensation.

  ATIK Horizon color CMOS Camera cooled, Sensor D 21.9 mm [EN]

More than "just" Ascom compatible:

Atik provides an ASCOM driver with which you can operate the camera with your preferred software, like MaximDL. Additionally, the camera is also compatible with the proven Artemis Capture software. This software provides full camera control.

The camera is also compatible with the innovative Infinity Live Stacking Software. This software makes astrophtography easier than ever before and fites especially well with the Atik Horizon cameras.

♦ Photography of nebulae and galaxies: the software automatically adds the images together - experience LIVE at the monitor when the deep-sky object becomes more contrasty and prominent with every minute.
♦ Flexible histogram control, including auto-stretch functions
♦ Video astronomy possible (live YouTube broadcast)
♦ Focus assist and monitoring tools
♦ Save to FITs, PNG, JPG and TIFF formats

  ATIK Horizon color CMOS Camera cooled, Sensor D 21.9 mm [EN]

Technical Data:

Sensor: Panasonic MN34230 4/3" CMOS
Horizontal Resolution: 4644 pixels
Vertical Resolution: 3506 pixels
Pixel Size: 3.8 µm x 3.8 µm
ADC: 12 bit
Readout Noise: ~1 e- at x30 gain
Gain Factor: Selectable from 1 - x60
Full Well: ~20,000 e-
Dark Current: 0.016 e-/pix/s at -10 °C
Computer connection: USB 2.0 or USB 3.0
Power Supply: 12 V DC 2 A
Maximal Exposure Time: Unlimited
Shortest Exposure Time: 18 µs
Cooling: TE cooling up to 40 °C below ambient
Weight: approx. 525 g
Diameter: 74 mm
Backfocus: 13 mm
Connection Thread: M42x0.75 T2-thread (female)
System Requirements: Windows 10/Vista/Win7/Win8(not RT) - USB2.0 or USB3.0


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