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Hutech IDAS LPS-D2 Nebula filter for Astrophotography - Clip-in Filter for Canon EOS APS-C format

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Codice articolo: LPS-D2-EOS

Hutech IDAS LPS D2 Clip-in filter for Canon EOS cameras with APS-C sensors - these Nebula filter provide an even better color balance for DSLRs and Color Astro Cameras for astrophotography; also when close to a city
♦ This filter is integrated into the body of the Canon EOS camera, not consuming any optical length.
  • ♦ The fitting can be done effortlessly and within a few minutes; removing it takes just as long.
  • ♦ Improved color balance for DSLRs and One-Shot Color Astro Cameras, e.g. ASI Color Cameras cooled or uncooled by ZWO.
  • ♦ The LPS-D2 Nebula filter permits roughly 3x longer exposure times than without a filter and therefore improves contrast significantly.
  • ♦ All major spectrum lines in which Nebulas emit light can pass. This results in a substantial contrast improvement.
  • ♦ This filter also increases contrast when imaging star clusters and galaxies.
  • ♦ The LPS-D2 filter also suppresses the line/spectrum high-pressure-sodium-lamps and LED emit.
  • ♦ Unscratchable hard coating for optimal longevity.
  • ♦ Made in Japan !
  Hutech IDAS LPS-D2 Nebula filter for Astrophotography - Clip-in Filter for Canon EOS APS-C format [EN]
IDAS LPS-D2 Newest Generation Nebula Filter
IDAS is one of the pioneers in the development of modern and effective Nebula filters for suppression of city light pollution. These filters allow for astrophotography close to a city and deliver optimal results. IDAS Nebula filters cause a significant contrast enhancement and therefore enable longer exposure times with DSLRs, Color and Mono Astro Cameras.

The IDAS LPS-D2 Nebula filter is designed specifically for color cameras. The filter provides better color balance than any other filter for DSLR and also for One-Shot Color cameras with CMOS sensors, as offered by ZWO. Of course there is also a substantial improvement when working with Mono cameras, e.g. when exposing Luminance.

The exposure time can be multiplied by a factor of 3. This means, that you are able to expose three times as long than without a filter, before the sky background becomes visible. On the contrary, the light which the Nebula emits passes unhindered. This results in a significant contrast enhancement and makes Nebula photography possible, where it otherwise would not, even close to cities. Galaxy and Cluster photography also greatly benefits from the LPS-D2.

The LPS-D2 Filter suppresses the high-pressure-Sodium line and parts of the LED spectrum. Modern light sources, like LED, have changed the spectrum of the unwanted stray light for astrophotography. The new IDAS LPS-D2 filter compensates for this, and even suppresses those lines.


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  Hutech IDAS LPS-D2 Nebula filter for Astrophotography - Clip-in Filter for Canon EOS APS-C format [EN]

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  Hutech IDAS LPS-D2 Nebula filter for Astrophotography - Clip-in Filter for Canon EOS APS-C format [EN]


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