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Starscope 609 Rifrattore 60mm Ingrandisci

Starscope 609 Rifrattore 60mm

TS Optics

TS-Optics Optics Starscope 60/900mm refractor telescope with EQ2-1 mount & tripod 

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Disponibilità: in arrivo: Giugno 2018


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Codice articolo: Starscope609

  • The TS Optics Starscope 609 is a complete astronomical telescope for beginners with everything you need to start observing
    Starting with the tripod and mount, the eyepieces for different magnifications, ... - all you need is included. The telescope is very easy to use and can be handled by children age 7+

  • ♦ very sharp and contrasty lens - a classic!

    ♦ lightweight equatorial mount - track in only one axis

    ♦ 1.25" focuser ready for many accessories

      TS-Optics Optics Starscope 60/900mm refractor telescope with EQ2-1 mount & tripod  [EN]

  • What you can see with this telescope:

    The Moon
    Craters and ridges can be seen easily. Watch the sun rise in the craters while more and more detail becomes visible!

    The Planets
    Observe the phases of Venus or the rings of Saturn. On Jupiter you can see many details including the atmospheric bands and the Galilean moons. Under good conditions you can see the great red spot - a huge hurricane twice the size of our home planet!

    The Sun
    With the Baader solar filter sheet you can easily build a solar filter that allows you to safely watch the activity on our own sun. You can find the filter sheet under "recommended accessories".

    The Stars
    Hundreds of distant objects are within reach of this telescope. Watch multiple stars with their often colourful components. Discover the ring nebula in Lyra - the remnants of an old star that has expired. You can even see objects outside our own galaxy: Globular star clusters that circle around our milky way, or the Great Andromeda Galaxy, our closest major neighbour galaxy.

    Our Earth
    You can also use this telescope as a powerful spotting scope for viewing objects such as birds, ships, mountains, ... The telescope offers a very good image sharpness for nature observing.

      TS-Optics Optics Starscope 60/900mm refractor telescope with EQ2-1 mount & tripod  [EN] EQ-1 a solid base for the telescope:

    The EQ-1 holds the telescope with a very good stabiltiy.

    The mount offers professional functions such as:

    ♦ polar fine alignment for precise setup
    ♦ oversized field tripod
    ♦ manual slow motion control in both axes through flexible shafts

    Solid 1.25" Focuser:

    An often overlooked detail of particular importance. The job of a focuser is to hold the eyepiece ("magnifying lens") in place and move it into focus for a sharp image. The eyepiece defines the magnification you get. The Starscope refractor has a standard 1.25" focuser, not the older 24.5mm size. As a result you can choose from hundreds of optional accessories available for 1.25".

    5x24 Finderscope:

    The focuser helps to find and center the object that you wish to see in the telescope. It has a much larger field of view than the telescope and a crosshair.

    Starscope609 included accessories:

    ♦ 2x Barlow Lens
    ♦ 1,5x Erecting Eyepiece
    ♦ 3 Eyepieces
    ♦ Moon filter
    ♦ Star Diagonal

      TS-Optics Optics Starscope 60/900mm refractor telescope with EQ2-1 mount & tripod  [EN]

    Technical Data

    Optical System: achromatic refractor telescope
    Aperture: 60 mm
    Focal length: 900 mm
    Resolution: 1.92 seconds of arc
    Limiting magnitude: 9m5
    Focuser: 1.25" rack & pinion focuser
    Mount: equatorial mount EQ2-1
    Tripod: adjustable height aluminum field tripod



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