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TS-Optics TSQ-80APO 80mm f/6.8 Quadruplet Apo with field flatener

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Codice articolo: TSAPO80Q

The TSQ-80APO is an ideal telescope for mobile astrophotograpy with an image without chromatic aberration and a fully corrected image field
♦ 80 mm aperture / 544 mm focal length / focal ratio f/6.8

♦ 3-element FPL53 triplet lens for image free from chromatic aberration and 2-element field corrector for a flat image field

♦ Corrector built into tube, not into drawtube. As soon as you have focused the camera or eyepiece, you are automatically in the correct working distance and have perfect stars to the edge.

♦ 45 mm image circle with 100% illumination and correction allows using full-frame size cameras

♦ 2.5" CNC rack-and-pinion focuser with ball bearings and dual speed even for heavy accessories

♦ Generous working distance for trouble-free adaption of all popular cameras and accessories and also suitable for observing with 2" and 1.25" accessories

♦ 2" and 1.25" adaption with compression rings for standard adapters and star diagonals and a female M68x1 thread for screwed adaptions

♦ Retractable dew shield for convenient transport

♦ CNC rings and GP/EQ5 style dovetail bar are in the scope of delivery

  TS-Optics TSQ-80APO 80mm f/6.8 Quadruplet Apo with field flatener [EN]

TSQ-80APO Quadruplet Apo with mit built-in Field Correction
The FPL53 triplet objective of the TS-Optics Photoline apochromat 80 mm f/6, free from chromatic aberration, is highly appreciated by amateur astronomers. Now we have combined this excellent objective with an integrated field corrector for astrophotography. The result is an apochromatic refractor absolutely free from chromatic aberration, with perfectly flattened image field for astrophotography and for observation. You will get perfect star images in the field right from the beginning, without the exhausting search for correctors and the right distance.

Features and advantages of the TSQ-80APO:

♦ Modern 80 mm f/6 FPL53 triplet objective
♦ Integrated 2-element field corrector with optimized distance to the objective for optimal sharpness in the field together with slight increase of the focal length
♦ No cumbersome search for adapters - if the image is sharp, you are automatically in the right distance
♦ 2.5" CNC rack and pinion focuser with ball bearings and dial speed 1:10
♦ Each quadruplet apo is checked at Teleskop-Service before shipping.
♦ The moderate focal ratio of f/6.8 is well suited for DSLR cameras and for astro cameras.
♦ With 135 mm working distance from the 2" receptacle, even 2" star diagonal mirrors can be used.

  TS-Optics TSQ-80APO 80mm f/6.8 Quadruplet Apo with field flatener [EN]

A first-class apochromat for astrophotography:
Our goal was achieving imaging quality on the axis AND in the field without compromises, and also without additional flattener or correctors. The corrector has to be built-in permanently and, obviously, in the optimal distance to the objective. This is almost unobtainable by using an optional flattener. Furthermore, the apochromat has to be mechanically solid and easily to adjust. This has been made possible with the flatfield apo.

You can easily adapt your camera to the 2" receptacle adapter or the M68 thread, focus, and get automatically the correct distance. Your images will be sharp to the edge and full of contrast.

The focuser has to be stable and, in particular, designed for heavy cameras. With the rack and pinion drive, even heavy accessories can be used. Locking is safely achieved by blocking the adjustment unit. Dual-speed allows precise focusing, so you can get optimal use out of the good image.

  TS-Optics TSQ-80APO 80mm f/6.8 Quadruplet Apo with field flatener [EN]

Adaption of cameras to the focuser

Due to the generous working distance of 135 mm from the 2" receptacle or 155 mm from the M68 thread, all cameras with almost any accessories can be adapted. The generous 90 mm travel of the focuser makes focusing a child´s play. Here are a few standard adaptions:

♦ Attaching DSLR cameras to the 2" receptacle with T2 thread … we recommend the the transition adapter # TSFA240 and a matching T2-ring.

♦ Attaching cameras with large sensors to the 2" receptacle via the M48 connection thread … with the connection barrel # TSVF230, you can attach the camera without the T2 bottelneck

♦ Attaching of heavy cameras to the female M68x1 thread: From the female thread, a generous working distance of 155 mm is at your disposal (at fully retracted drawtube). With the adapter # M68a-M68a, you can turn the female into a male thread.

  TS-Optics TSQ-80APO 80mm f/6.8 Quadruplet Apo with field flatener [EN]

Technical Data

Aperture: 80 mm
Focal length: 544 mm
Focal ratio: f/6.8
Objective: Air-spaced FPL53 triplet lens
Corrector: 2-element corrector with optimized distance to the lens
Field: 45 mm diameter with full correction and illumination
Back focus from 2" receptacle: 135 mm with retracted drawtube
Back Focus from female M68 thread: 155 mm with retracted drawtube
Drawtube travel: 90 mm
Tube length with retracted dew shield: 375 mm
Tube diameter: 89 mm
Dew shield diameter: 112 mm
Camera side connection: 2", 1.25" and M68x1 thread (female)
Tube weight with rings: 3.5 kg
Focuser payload: up to 5 kg

In the box

♦ 80 mm quadruplet apochromat
♦ CNC tube rings
♦ GP/EQ5 style dovetail bar with photo tripod connection
♦ 2.5" rack-and-pinion focuser with 2" receptacle
♦ Reduction adapter from 2" to 1.25"

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