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ASI - ZWoptical

ZW Optical ASI174 Mini USB2.0 Mono Autoguiding Camera - 2.3 MP CMOS sensor

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Codice articolo: ASI174MINI

  • This astro camera and autoguider offers sensational sensitivity, a modern sensor, and all od this in an ultra-compact housing, not bigger than a 1.25" eyepiece.
  • ♦ MONO CMOS Sensor IMX174LLJ from Sony with approx. 77% QE for highest sensitivity.
  • ♦ Pixel size 5.86 µm - the camera is suitable for almost all telescopes, as well for images as for guiding.
  • ♦ Sensor size: 11.34 mm x 7.13 mm - so you have a large field and find always a suitable guiding star.

♦ The high sensitivity and the extremely low-noise CMOS sensor allow short exposure times. Cooling is not no longer a necessity. You can use the ASI174 Mini very well as imaging camera.

  • ♦ Practical 1.25" housing - you can insert the autoguider/camera into the guide scope, finder or the off-axis guider like an eyepiece.
  • ♦ A true lightweight with only 60 grams and not larger than a 1.25" eyepiece.
  • ♦ Extensive scope of delivery: protective cap, manual, CD ROM, 2x USB cable, ST4 autoguiding cable, filter ring and 1.25" extension tube.


  ZW Optical ASI174 Mini USB2.0 Mono Autoguiding Camera - 2.3 MP CMOS sensor [EN]




ZW Optical ASI174 Mono ultra-compact Astro Camera and Autoguider
The ASI174 is the ultimate autoguider and much more. The modern Sony IMX174LLJ MONO sensor convinces with an outstanding QE of approx. 77 %. This high sensitivity, the moderately sized 5.86 µm pixels and the large sensor area of 11.3 x 5.86 mm make this camera also very interesting for astrophotography.

The advantages of the ASI174 Mini as astro camera

♦ Highly sensitive sensor combined with high resolution for ultimate moon and planet photographs.
♦ Large sensor area and maximum sensitivity for photographing nebulae and galaxies. Through the excellent noise performance, short exposure times down to "lucky imaging" are possible. Cooling is not absolutely necessary anymore.
♦ The camera fits into any 1.25" focuser. Lock the camera like an eyepiece, focus and start with astrophotography.
♦ The camera is equipped with a clear glass window which is transparent also in the infrared rage. Thus the exciting infrared photography becomes possible.

  ZW Optical ASI174 Mini USB2.0 Mono Autoguiding Camera - 2.3 MP CMOS sensor [EN]

The advantages of the ASI174 Mini as autoguider

♦ You always find a guide star, even with an off-axis guider - guaranteed!
♦ The practical 1.25" housing makes adaption easy. Push the camera into the 1.25" receptacle, focus and get started with guiding.
♦ Only 8.5 mm working distance from the front surface to the sensor - you can reach focus even with short maximum distances.
♦ With only 60 grams weight, the focuser is almost not loaded.
♦ Of course, ST4 cable and ST4 port are supplied. Connect the camera directly to the autoguiding port of the mount.

Spectrale sensitivity

The sensor convinces not only with high sensitivity, but also with a broad spectral range. The sensitivity stays high even deep in the infrared. That means more stars for guiding, and the exciting field of infrared photography (Venus, Mars, ...) becomes accessible.

  ZW Optical ASI174 Mini USB2.0 Mono Autoguiding Camera - 2.3 MP CMOS sensor [EN]

The ASI174 MINI camera is this compact:

Compared to other astro cameras, the ASI174 Mini has smaller dimensions, less weight, and it has its focal plane at the same place as an eyepiece.

  ZW Optical ASI174 Mini USB2.0 Mono Autoguiding Camera - 2.3 MP CMOS sensor [EN]

In the Box:

The packaging of the ASI Mini camera contains all necessary cables, drivers, adapters and also a manual.

  ZW Optical ASI174 Mini USB2.0 Mono Autoguiding Camera - 2.3 MP CMOS sensor [EN]

Further information:

ASI Mini Cameras
The mini cameras ASI174 and ASI290 have a nice look, small dimensions, low weight, even these are already attractive features. But the cameras convince with further advances:

High sensitivity - important for finding a guide star
Sensitivity is the first thing which ZWO has considered with these cameras. It is very important to look for a guide star. So at the beginning, ZWO has considered only a monochrome sensor for the use in their guiding cameras, as a monochrome sensor has a significantly higher sensitivity than a colour sensor. After that, the manufacturer carefully compared the sensitivities of the available sensors. At last, ZWO decided to use the mono sensors 290 and 174. As we know, 290 and 174 mono sensor have about 80% QE peak, can detect more stars in view. In this wax, the exposure time can be shortened when guiding, too.

Precise guiding

The ASI290 mini is designed for precise guiding. With 2.9 µm pixel size, the resolution (in arc seconds) is higher than the one of other autoguiders. That means that, at the same guide scope, the 290Mini can detect slighter movement of stars. The ASI290 Mini has, for example compared to the Lodestar, a significantly better guiding accuracy.

  ZW Optical ASI174 Mini USB2.0 Mono Autoguiding Camera - 2.3 MP CMOS sensor [EN]   


Focus like an eyepiece

ASI mini camera and eyepiece can reach focus at same position. You can focus with an eyepiece and put ASI mini camera into the 1.25″ holder.

Works on OAG

The ZWO Mini Cameras are well suited for guiding with an OAG, they have a much larger focus range than normal ASI cameras. You never have to worry again that the guide cam cannot be focused at the same time as the main camera.

  ZW Optical ASI174 Mini USB2.0 Mono Autoguiding Camera - 2.3 MP CMOS sensor [EN]

Technical Data: 

Sensor: 1/1.2" CMOS IMX174LLJ / IMX174LQJ
Resolution: 2.3 mega pixels 1936x1216
Pixel Size: 5.86 µm
Sensor size: 11.3 mm x 7.1 mm
QE (peak): 77%
Read noise: 3.5 e-
Exposure Rage: 32 µs - 300 s
ROI: Supported
Interface: USB2.0
Software requirements: must support USB 2.0
Bit rate: 12bit output (12bit ADC)
Adaptor: 1.25" / M28.5x0.6
Dimension: ⌀36 mm X 61 mm
Weight: 60 g
Working Temperature: -5 °C - 45 °C
Storage Temperature: -20 °C - 60 °C
Working Relative Humidity: 20% - 80%
Storage Relative Humidity: 20% - 95%
Max. Resolution: 1936 X 1216 (@ 18.4 FPS)

In the Box:

♦ 1.25" cover
♦ Camera body
♦ Quick guide
♦ 0.5 m USB2.0 cable
♦ 2 m USB2.0 cable
♦ ST4 cable
♦ M28.5-CS adapter
♦ 1.25" extender



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