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Dewcap for Telrad with integrated 90° Mirror 

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  • Dewcap for Telrad with integrated 90° Mirror
  •   Dewcap for Telrad with integrated 90° Mirror [EN]

    This ingenious tool performs two different functions at the same time, making your Telrad zero magnification finder much more potent!

    -- The TelTau90 offers a comfortable 90° viewing position for your Telrad. No more strain to your neck! Of course the mirror can also easily be moved out of the way for a conventional straight-through viewing position.

    -- The TelTau90 also works as a dewcap that prevents the formation of dew on the Telrad, or at least prolongs the period until dew can form.
    The dewcap can be positioned directly on top of the glass window of the Telrad. When viewing through the Telrad the dewcap is simply lifted, allowing you an unobstructed view while the dewcap still provides some dew protection even then.

    The dew-cap is screwed onto the back of the Telrad. You only need a regular screwdriver and no exotic tools whatsoever. You can leave the dewcap permanently mounted on the Telrad.

  Dewcap for Telrad with integrated 90° Mirror [EN]

The TelTau90 positioned for dew protection. While it is in this position the mirror inside as well as the Telrad's window are protected.
The Telrad in working position. The mirror can be moved into position independently when needed, or kept inside the dewcap for protection while not in use.


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