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  • TS-Optics 80 mm Right-Angle Finder Scope with 90° Amici prism - 1.25" helical focuser

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  • TS Optics finder scope and guiding scope with 80 mm aperture with convenient helical focuser
  • ♦ Powerful achromatic objective with 80 mm aperture and 330 mm focal length
  • ♦ 90° angled insight with upright and non-mirrored view
  • ♦ Suitable also for many 1.25" eyepieces like Plössl, Kellner, and TSIR20 Cross hair eyepiece
  • ♦ 360° rotation of the eyepiece for optimal insight
  • ♦ Continously adjustable reticle illumination for very dark nights
  • ♦ Adjustable tube rings with knurled screws for easy aligning of the finder to the main telescope
  • ♦ Finder bracket matching the finder bases from Vixen, GSO, Skywatcher, Celestron, etc.
  • ♦ Finder base for do-it-yourself adaption to tubes included


TS-Optics 80 mm Right-Angle Finder Scope with 90° Amici prism - 1.25" helical focuser [EN]

TS Optics 80 mm Right-Angle Finder Scope with upright and non-mirrored image
The TSFRE80 ist far more than a finder, it is a full-fledged wide field refractor. Many hundreds of deep sky objects are already visible through this super finder. It truely deserves this name, as finding celestial objects is really easy.

Of course, application is very versatile. Besides the use as ultimate finder, the refractor can also be used as travel telescope and as spotting scope for observing the countryside. You can use many 1.25 eyepieces and thus vary the magnification in a wide range. But the finder can also be used as guiding scope, together with specific autoguiders.

The advantages and features of the TSFRE80:

♦ Quality processing of metal for maximum stability
♦ Good 2-element lens, multi-coated
♦ Focusing by rotating the eyepiece side of the 1.25" helical focuser
♦ Solid clamping through compression ring
♦ Upright and non-mirrored image through the 90° Amici prism
♦ The insight can be rotated to the wanted direction
♦ The adjustable tube rings have metal screws with plastic tips to avoid scratches on the tube
♦ The finder scope fits to standard finder shoes like the ones used by Skywatcher, Celestron, GSO, ...
♦ A finder base for flexible adaption to telescope tubes is supplied

TS-Optics 80 mm Right-Angle Finder Scope with 90° Amici prism - 1.25" helical focuser [EN]

Suitable eyepieces and autoguiders for the TSFRE80:
The focus of the finder is approx. 5 mm above the 1.25" receptacle of the focuser. That is enough for many eyepieces like Plössl eyepieces. A very fine eyepiece for centering is the reticle eyepiece TSIR20 which can be illuminated and is linked in the accessories section.

The finder is also suitable for autoguiding, but the autoguider must have a 1.25" housing, otherwise you will not reach the focus. Suitable autoguiders are, among others:

♦ TSGPM120M - monochrome planetary camera and autoguider
♦ Astrolumina ALCCD5-II
♦ Starlight Xpress Lodestar


  • Technical Data

Aperture: 80 mm
Focal length of objective: 330 mm
Objective type: Achromatic lens - 2 elements
Weight: approx. 1400 grams
Tube diameter: 84 mm
Diameter dew cap: 90.4 mm
Length: 360 mm
Eyepiece connection: 1.25" with compression ring
Focus position: approx. 3-4 mm above the 1.25" receptacle, suitable for Kellner and Plössl eyepieces and for the TSIR20 cross hair eyepiece
Travel of the helical focuser: 17 mm
Tube rings: Adjustable tube rings made of metal
Connection: Fast fitting dovetail foot, finder shoe base supplied

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