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TS Optics

TS-Optics LED Red Dot Finder for DSLR cameras, made of metal 

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Codice articolo: RD1x40-DSL

  • High-quality metal reflector sight with extra large front plate for the flash shoe of DSLR cameras
  • ♦ Especially well suited for night photography. The large D=40 mm front glass offers a particularly high field of view
  • ♦ Useful also for daytime photography, for example for fast aiming at birds and other animals
  • ♦ The finder is simply attached to the hot shoe of the camera
  • ♦ The finder can be aligned perfectly parallel to the camera
  • ♦ Two colours are selectable, red for nighttime use and green for daytime
  • ♦ Fits also to Vixen Polarie and other skytrackers


  TS-Optics LED Red Dot Finder for DSLR cameras, made of metal [EN]

TS Optics extra large Red Dot Finder for SLR cameras
With its large front glass, the finder offers better overview and allows for quick and easy pointing to an object in the night sky or at daylight. The symbol points exactly to this sighted object.

The red dot sight is simply attached to the hot shoe of the camera. The finder is aligned exactly parallel to the camera with the adjustment screws. This way, a comfortable and exact alignment is possible even with telephoto lenses.

  TS-Optics LED Red Dot Finder for DSLR cameras, made of metal [EN]

Application field of the LED red dot finder for DSLR cameras:

♦ Astrophotography / night photography: Especially at night, the camera display hardly shows any information. The DSLR red dot finder points exactly to the position in the night sky to be photographed. The LED reflector finder is especially well suited for this application.

♦ Animal photography and landscape photography: the finder is also helpful at daytime. Often, the sun glares so much that hardly any information is visible in the display. This finder replaces it and allows fast positioning of the object without display.

Technical Data

Mounting: Adapter suitable for the flash shoe of SLR cameras
Material: Metal construction
Target symbol colours: Green for day and red for night
Front glass: 40 mm diameter - multi-coated
Weight: approx. 220 grams
Length: approx. 98 mm


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