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Mini Guidingscope 50/162mm for Astrophotography Ingrandisci

Mini Guidingscope 50/162mm for Astrophotography

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TS-Optics Mini Guidingscope 50/162mm for Astrophotography 

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Codice articolo: TSL501

  • Mini 50mm Guide Scope for astrophotography & Rich-Field telescope

    ... good for teleskopes up to 1500mm focal lengh with autoguider - fits the finderholder of your telescope
    ... with parfocal adapter, findershoe and universal adaptor

    50mm Mini Guidescope

    -- Compact mini guide scope designed for use with astrophotography telescopes up to 1500mm focal length

    -- Mini 50mm guide scope with bright, wide-field optics puts numerous potential guide stars in view so you'll never have to search for one!

    -- Adjustable-aim dovetail guide scope bracket installs on virtually any astrophotography telescope quickly and easily

    -- Very small and compact autoguiding system adds hardly any weight to an astrophotography setup and can conveniently be stashed in an accessory case between uses

    -- Designed for use with nearly each Autoguider, like M-Gen, Lodestar, Astrolumina ALCCD and each CCD Camera with 1,25" connection

    Mini Guidescope mounted

    The Mini 50mm Guide Scope is a complete and compact guide scope solution designed for use with nearly each autoguider and CCD camera in the market. The Mini 50mm Guide Scope is ideal for guiding long-exposure astrophotographs with imaging telescopes up to 1500mm in focal length.

    Thanks to the high level of guiding accuracy offered by modern autoguider devices, astro-imagers of today can use guide scopes with much shorter focal lengths and smaller apertures compared to the large, bulky models used in the past. Using a more optically "fast" refractor as a guide scope can save astro-imagers time, space, and money, but will still provide the unrivaled accuracy that only autoguiding can bring to long-exposure astrophotographs. Although modern dedicated autoguider devices allow small, optically fast guide scopes to be used with excellent results, there is an unfortunate scarcity of quality offerings available. That is, until now. The Mini 50mm Guide Scope brings autoguiding into the realm of affordability for any astrophotographer, and brings the guide scope to a position that was previously occupied by a telescope finder scope.

    Consisting of a 50mm aperture, 162mm focal length (f/3.2) achromatic refractor guide scope, an adjustable dovetail guide scope bracket, an 1.25" aluminum parfocal ring, a dovetail mounting base, and an adapter plate, the Mini 50mm Guide Scope makes it easy for any astro-imager to enjoy the precision of autoguiding in their images. The guide scope bracket fits into standard dovetail finder scope base found on most telescopes. If your imaging scope doesn't feature a dovetail base or has one already occupied by an oft-used finder, the included dovetail base and attachment hardware lets you attach the Mini 50mm Guide Scope to any optical tube. Alternatively, the included adapter plate can be used to attach the dovetail base and Mini 50mm Guide Scope to any standard dovetail plate or side-by-side plate if preferred.

    The featherweight guide scope tips the scales at a mere 16oz., and has been designed for use with imaging telescopes measuring up to 1500mm in focal length. This one-pound wonder Mini 50mm Guide Scope features fully multi-coated optics and a focus-adjusting front ring with locking collar. The included parfocal ring makes it easy to repeat autoguiding performance night to night, by letting you set the ideal focus position of the autoguider.

    Find out how easy and affordable it can be to add autoguiding precision to your astrophotos today with the new Mini 50mm Guide Scope!

    A further photographic use is possible due to the very short focal length: the sensors of webcams, sometimes base for planetary cameras, are often very small, so sun (alway with filter!) and moon do not fit into the field of use even if a refractor with 400 mm focal length is used. A focal reducer often causes an unsharp edge due to the image curvature and sometimes cannot even be attached to the camera. The Mini Guide Scope solves this problem, as its very short focal length results in a small image which effortlessly fits on the surface even of a 1/4" sensor (3,2 mm x 2,4 mm). Now nothing stands in the way for taking an image of the sun or a time-lapse video of a lunar eclipse!

    Technical informations:

    -- optical design: 2element refractor
    -- optical diameter: 50mm
    -- focal lengh: 162mm
    -- focal ratio: f/3.2
    -- coating: fully coated
    -- objective: Air-spaced doublet
    -- glass: Crown/Flint
    -- focus position behind the 1,25" connection: around 20mm - fine adustable through the objective lens
    -- tube material: aluminium
    -- weight 1.0 lbs / 450 gramm

    Scope of delivery:

    -- 50mm mini Guiding & Rich-Field telescope with 1,25" connection
    -- holder with Skywatcher/Vixen/Celestron level connection
    -- findershoe / connection to the telescope
    -- universal adapter
    -- 1,25" parfocal ring

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