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TS-Optics Optics LRGB Filter Set 1,25" - CCD Interference Filter Set 

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Codice articolo: TSLRGBS1

TS professional L-RGB 1.25" filter set for astrophotography - colour images with monochrome CCD cameras

♦ The set includes four 1.25" filters - Luminance, Red, Green and Blue.

♦ True interference filter for very good contrast and balanced colour weighting, with very high transmission at the same time.

♦ The filters are durable through a scratch-resistant coating.

♦ The TS L-RGB filters offer a neat anti-reflection coating.

♦ Due to the precise transmission curves, over 92% of the visible light are transmitted, whereas the infrared light is reliably blocked.

♦ The filters are stress-free mounted in a high-quality aluminum cell with standardized filter threads on both sides.

   TS-Optics Optics LRGB Filter Set 1,25" - CCD Interference Filter Set  [EN]

TS Optics professional 1.25" L-RGB Filter Set for astrophotography
With the TS LRGB filter set, you can take color images of celestial objects with monochrome CCD cameras. This kind of deep-Sky photography has a few advantages over the astrophotography with color cameras:

♦ MONO CCD cameras have a higher resolution than color cameras with the same chip. Objects are shown with more details.
♦ Due to the steep edges of the filters, high quality colour images are possible even close to towns, as the disturbing light pollution is filtered out.
♦ The sensitivity of a mono CCD camera is higher than the one of a comparable colour camera, so, with these L-RGB filters, dimmer objects are within reach at he same exposure time.
♦ Usually, the colour brilliance of an L-RGB image is higher than the one of a normal color image, as you can control the colour weighting during image processing.
♦ With the luminaance filter, you can generate a high-resolution luminance image and with the RGB filters you can create a splendid colour image. During image processing, you can mix the resolution of the luminance and the color of the RGB image.

   TS-Optics Optics LRGB Filter Set 1,25" - CCD Interference Filter Set  [EN]

The advantages of the TS L-RGB filters:

♦ High transmission and steep edges offer a very high contrast.
♦ The colour weighting of the filters is well balanced.
♦ Infrared is cut off by each of the filters, for better sharpness and contrast.
♦ The surfaces are plane-parallel against unwanted ghost images.
♦ The surfaces are anti-reflective coated.
♦ The filters are mounted in high-quality aluminium cells with accurate filter threads.
♦ The TS LRGB filters have an identical thickness to avoid readjusting of the focus.

   TS-Optics Optics LRGB Filter Set 1,25" - CCD Interference Filter Set  [EN]

Technical Data

Type:Interference filter
Coating:Multi-coating, anti-reflective
Cell:Aluminium - thickness 10 mm, including 2.2 mm filter thread


In the Box

♦ TS 1.25" LRGB Filter Set
♦ Protective Cases


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