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Idas UV/IR Block per Canon APS-C


Hutech H-alpha EH UV/IR Block Filter for Canon APS-C frame cameras

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Codice articolo: HEUIBII-EOS

  • This special version for Canon DSLR cameras is easily inserted into the body, does not need optical path and is almost color neutral
  • ♦ Absorbs UV and IR light like the original camera filter
  • ♦ Reduced red range retains color balance, but lets the H-alpha line pass
  • ♦ Enhances contrast of H-alpha objects
  • ♦ Also suited for clusters and galaxies - whith refractive optics, they are sharper than if used without filter
  • ♦ Does not block stray light or skyglow
  • ♦ Internally mounted version - without trouble
  • ♦ Fits to many EOS with APS-C sensors
  • ♦ Especially designed for DSLR cameras
  • ♦ Largely scratch-proof
  • ♦ Glass Thickness 0.5mm
 Hutech H-alpha EH UV/IR Block Filter for Canon APS-C frame cameras [EN]
Outstanding optical properties
The IDAS HEUIB-II (H-alpha Enhanced UV IR Blocking) filter is designed for enhanced spectrum DSLR´s and one-shot color CCD astronomical cameras.

Besides removing the IR and UV ends of the spectrum which are often out of focus in refractive optics, it isolates the common H-alpha line relative to the surrounding extreme red end of the spectrum, making it easy to bring out the faint H-alpha emission nebulosity of astronomical photos, yet retain the background color balance of broadband photos.

IDAS filters are developed for astrophotography

Unlike other astronomical UV-IR blocking camera filters, IDAS filters are specifically designed for balanced color transmission using the IDAS unique Multi-Bandpass Technology (MBT) process. The balanced transmission allows color photographs to be taken with minimal color cast to broadband emission objects such as stars, galaxies and globular clusters, but retains high sensitivity for the important H-alpha emission line.

The original camera filter blocks large part of the red spectral region, including H-alpha, most astronomical UV/IR blocking filters let all red light pass, resulting in reddish appearance.

The HEUIB-II lets light around H-alpha pass and balances this by a reduced transmission from orange to light red. Thus the camera can be used for astrophotography and for daytime photography without any modification in between!

Main characteristics of the IDAS HEUIB-II filter:
♦ Especially designed for DSLR and single-shot CCD colour cameras
♦ High quality anti-reflective coatings
♦ Scratch-proof

Easy to use technical solution

No optical path length needed:

Correctors or flatteners casn be used as before. Use many telephoto lenses without focusing complications. Additionally, the sensor chip is protected against dust.

This filter is integrated into the camera body.

Camera body front filters are mounted in a holder which is loosely placed between the camera´s lens bayonet and the viewing mirror, so they may be quickly and easily inserted or removed from the camera body as required by the user. They are locked by the lens or the telescope adapter.

 Hutech H-alpha EH UV/IR Block Filter for Canon APS-C frame cameras [EN] Filter Insertion:

1. Align the filter carrier flanges with the gaps in the Canon bayonet flanges. Note that the side profile of the filter carrier should protrude downwards to match the slight depression in the Canon body.

2. Gently place the filter into the Canon body cavity where it should sit loosely.

3. Rotate the filter counter-clockwise so that the filter and body flanges line up (not all the way to the end of travel). The filter is still loosely sitting in the cavity in the Canon body but because the flanges are aligned, the filter cannot easily fall out if the body is tilted.

4. Mount the telescope adapter or lens into the Canon body and rotate it clockwise to lock both the filter and adapter/lens in place. If possible, keep the camera body horizontal while attaching it to the lens or telescope to minimize the possibility of the filter shifting before it is locked into place.

 Hutech H-alpha EH UV/IR Block Filter for Canon APS-C frame cameras [EN]

Filter Removal:

1. Remove the lens or telescope adapter in the normal way for a Canon body, taking care to to keep the body in a nearly horizontal position to prevent the filter from shifting as it loosens. After the lens or adapter has been removed, the MFA will be sitting loosely in the Canon body.

2. Rotate the MFA so that the filter flanges line up with the gaps in the Canon bayonet mount.

3. Place a soft, lint-free cloth across the mouth of the Canon mount and tilt the body and cloth until the filter drops onto the cloth.




Passend für folgende Canon EOS DSLR:

Canon 300D, 350D, 400D, 450D, 500D, 550D, 600D, 650D, 700D, 1000D, 1100D, 20D, 30D, 40D, 50D, 60D, 70D und 7D
Nicht kompatibel zu Canon EF-S Objektiven!

 Hutech H-alpha EH UV/IR Block Filter for Canon APS-C frame cameras [EN]


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