CCD riduttore 0.67x per RC Ingrandisci

CCD riduttore 0.67x per RC

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TS-Optics Optics 2" CCD Reducer 0.67x for RC & flatfield telescopes ab F/8

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Codice articolo: CCD47

The 2" CCD compressor reduces the focal length of telescopes with the factor 0.67x, thus allowing significantly shorter exposure times.

  • ♦ The focal reducer is perfectly suitable for RC telescope. It also works good with Celestron EHD or Meade ACF telescopes or with refractors up to the focal ratio F/9
  • ♦ The image field of DSLR cameras up to APS-C format is fully illuminated - illumination up to 29 mm
  • ♦ Easy connection to the telescope via 2" barrel
  • ♦ Optimal working distance from the M48x0.75 thread to the camera sensor is 85 mm - enough space for accessories like off-axis guider or filter wheel
  • ♦ 2" filter thread at the telescope side
 TS-Optics Optics 2" CCD Reducer 0.67x for RC & flatfield telescopes ab F/8 [EN]

TS Optics CCD telecompressor for Ritchey-Chrétien and other F/18 to F/8 telescopes
The TS telecompressor CCD47 was developed for reducing the focal length of RC (Ritchey-Chrétien) telescopes. Practical tests have also shown an excellent suitability for all telescopes with flat field, like apochromats with built-in corrector lens, Celestron EHD or Meade ACF telescopes, thus the most flat-field telescopes. We especially recommend the compressor for the GSO / TS Optics / AstroTec Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes.

The features of the CCD47 telecompressor:

♦ Barrel size is 2" - easy connection to all focusers with 2" receptacle
♦ With thread for 2" filters at the telescope side
♦ Camer aconnection via M48x0.75 thread
♦ Optimal working distance from the connection thread: 85 mm to the camera sensor. Between 70-90 mm, the results are very good.
♦ Reduction by 0.67x - an RC with F/8 changes to fast f/5.3. A telescope with F/10 still turns into F/6.7. The exposure time will be more than halved!
♦ An illuminated image field of 29 mm allows using all camera sensors up to APS-C format.

Adapter recommendations:
With the long working distance, adaptation of all common cameras, no matter whether CCD or DSLR, is possible without any problems. Some examples of applications:

♦ DSLR camera - adaption via M48: TSVF230 and then the matching adapter from M48 to the camera, like the SKM48-EOS for connecting a Canon EOS

♦ CCD cameras via T2 connection: two adapters are possible for reducing the M48 thread to T2:

TSFA2 - adapter to T2 with 38.2 mm length. This is used for bridging optical path.

TSM48-T2 - a short adapter with only 3.5 mm length. This is applied if accessories like off-axis guider and filter wheels should be used.

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