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TS-Optics manual Filter Wheel for 5x 2" filters

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TS-Optics manual Filter Wheel for 5x 2" filters

 TS-Optics manual Filter Wheel for 5x 2" filters [EN]

High-quality filter wheel for up to 5x mounted 2" filters - optimal for astrophotograhy and also visual observing.

  • ♦ Connection at the telescope side: M48x0.75 - 2" filter thread (female)
  • ♦ Connection at the camera side: M48x0.75 - 2" filter thread (male)
  • ♦ Length from thread to thread: 29.5 mm - or 27.5 mm without locking ring
  • ♦ Includes: 2" connection adapter for the telescope side and 2" connection adapter for the eyepiece side
  • ♦ The five filter positions snap precisely in place and are marked with numbers (1-5)
  • ♦ The filter wheel is suitable for all commercially available mounted 2" filters
  • ♦ The housing is made of solide aluminium
  • ♦ The filter wheel is absolutely light-tight
  • ♦ Installation of the filters takes only a dew minutes
  • ♦ Extensive scope of delivery - the filter wheel is complete and ready for use Filterrad ist fertig und einsatzbereit für Ihr Teleskop

TS-Optics Manual Filter Wheel for 5x 2" filters - for comfortable filter changing within seconds
With this high-quality filter wheel, you can use up to five filters and switch between them within seconds. The filters are always ready for use and also protected from dust and dew. Furthermore, the filter wheel is also light-tight, so there are no reflexes or stray light.
 TS-Optics manual Filter Wheel for 5x 2" filters [EN]

Application field astrophotography:
The filter wheel is optimally suitable for L-RGB astrophotography with mono CCD cameras, but also for colour cameras like (D)SLR or colour CCD cameras. The camera is attached to the filter wheel simply via the M48 thread. You can even set the camera position via a locking ring. Even heavy cameras are easily held, due to the solid aluminium body. No tilting occours. Use the filter wheel with L-RGB filters or with nebula filters for increasing contrast.

Application field observing:
An attractive application for the filter wheel is visual observation. Load the filter wheel with various nebula filters like UHC or O-III and observe diffuse or planetary nebulae in different wavelengths. Switch from one filter to another within sconds. Thanks to the 2" connectors at the telescope and eyepiece side, mounting the filter wheel is very simple.

 TS-Optics manual Filter Wheel for 5x 2" filters [EN]

Switching filters with just one turn:
Thanks to the non-slipping knurled ring, you can switch between the filters even when wearing gloves. The position snaps precisely into place. Each filter position is marked with a number, so you always know which filter is placed in the beam path.

Versatile connections to telescope and eyepiece:
The filter wheel supplies push and thread connection at telescope and eyepiece side. Particularly astrophotographer will prefer the stable threaded connection via the M48x0.75 (2") filter thread. There is a lot of adapters for this popular thread. Observers will rather prefer the 2" receptacle. At the telescope side, you have a 2" barrel adapter. Simply put the filter wheel into the focuser by using this. At the eyepiece side, you can screw a 2" eyepiece adapter on the M48 thread, thus you can use 2" and 1.25" eyepieces.

 TS-Optics manual Filter Wheel for 5x 2" filters [EN]

Equipping the filter wheel is quite simple:

♦ Open the filter wheel by using the supplied hex key on the four screws at the back side of the filter wheel.
♦ Remove the back panel and screw the filters into the wanted positions.
♦ Place the back panel into the right position again and lock it with the four screws.

Finished ... now the TS-Optics filter wheel is ready to use and your filters are protected.

Technical data

Type: Manual filter wheel
Offers space for: Up to 5x 2" mounted filters
Telescope side connection: M48x0.75 thread (female) and 2" barrel
Eyepiece/camera side connection: M48x0.75 thread (male) and 2" receptacle with compression ring
Minimal length: 29.5 mm from M48 thread to M48 thread
Length with 2" adapter: Approx. 80 mm (the 2" barrel at the telescope side is not taken into account)
Filter changing: By knurled ring with click
Weight: approx. 460 Gramm


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