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SBIG OAG per 8300  Ingrandisci

SBIG OAG per 8300


SBIG OAG-8300 with 2.0x24 thread pattern - M48 Off Axis Guider 

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Codice articolo: OAG-8300

  • With its innovative, sophisticated Off-Axis guider OAG-8300, SBIG provides a high-quality and reliable guiding-solution for your SBIG CCD camera
  • ♦ Off-Axis guider for all STF-8300 models (backward compatible)
  • ♦ Integrated 0,7x Reducer for your guide camera
  • ♦ Uncompromising manufacturing quality


   SBIG OAG-8300 with 2.0x24 thread pattern - M48 Off Axis Guider  [EN]

SBIG Off-Axis guider for all STF-8300 models
The innovative OAG-8300 transforms your STF-8300 CCD camera into a self-guiding camera system. This OAG is designed for a 5 or 8 position filter wheel , but can also be used without a filter wheel using an optional spacer ring.

What is unique about the OAG-8300 is its 7-element internal construction. Like regular OAGs it contains a deflection prism, but in addition to that has a diagonal with an integrated 0,7x Reducer for the guide camera. As a result of this you achieve a decent field of view even with a small guiding sensor and gain light sensitivity as well: You will always find a guide star.

Features and advantages of the OAG-8300:

♦ Backward compatible with all STF-8300 models

♦ High-quality construction

♦ Integrated 0,7x Reducer for an extended field and increased light sensitivity

♦ Detailed manual available for download

♦ Optical length only 22,9mm

Why use an Off-Axis guider?
Especially Newton-owners are familiar with the problem: Even though your guide optics are perfectly mounted and your guider is well calibrated, stars aren´t quite round. This is caused by relative movement between primary- and guide-optics, which the guider can´t register and therefore cannot compensate. An OAG solves this problem by fusing telescope and guide-scope. You also profit from the higher light sensitivity of your telescope and thus can use fainter stars as guide stars.


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