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SBIG Guider Kit for ST-i Guiding Kamera Ingrandisci

SBIG Guider Kit for ST-i Guiding Kamera


  • SBIG Guider Kit for ST-i Guiding Camera 

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Codice articolo: KIT-ST-I-GUIDER

Extremely compact and lightweight solution for guiding telescopes up to 1000 mm focal length

The guider complete set from SBIG was extra matched as accessory for the new ST-i guiding camera and consists of these parts:

♦ a high-quality f/2.8mm telephoto lens (f=100mm), fokusable, with aperture stops and C-mount connector

♦ Dew shield and shade

♦ C-mount adapter for connecting lens and autoguider

♦ 2 hinged tube rings for holding the ST-i camera

♦ Base plate for the rings

♦ Tool and screws

SBIG Guider Kit for ST-i Guiding Camera   [EN]

The SBIG Guider Kit for the ST-i camera is a compact and mainly lightweight solution of guiding short focal length telescopes with subpixel accuracy
Perfectly suitable for a cooled CCD camera as well as for a DSLR camera.

The ST-i is so sensitive that, using the 100 mm lens, subpixel accuracy guiding is possible by using stars of less than 7 magnitudes with 1 second exposure time.

The lens reproduces a field of 2.7° x 2.0° size onto the chip of the ST-i. Thus it is possible to orient the camera once to the imaging telescope and it is guaranteed that there is always a star available in the field of view of the ST-i. Due to the little weight (compared with the usual guide scope in adjustable rings) and mounting of the ST-i in especially wide and strong rings, all problems with sag between imaging scope and guide scope disappear.

Exposure times of 10 seconds show star below 13. magnitude, and exposure times of 30 seconds show stars below 15. magnitude. In this way, the guiding kit can be used as electronic finder and might be of interest for remotely used instruments and obervatories.

SBIG Guider Kit for ST-i Guiding Camera   [EN]


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