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ASI - ZWoptical

ZWO ASI385 USB3.0 Color CMOS Camera - Chip D=8.35 mm 

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Codice articolo: ASI385MC

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  • The ASI 385 CMOS colour camera offers extremely high sensitivity QE -80%. It is suitable for moon and planets, but also for deep sky objects.
  • ♦ Sensor: 1/2" CMOS IMX385 with 2.12 mega pixels resolution and extended IR sensitivity
  • ♦ Sensor size: 7.3 mm x 4.6 mm - diameter: 8.35 mm
  • ♦ High resolution: Pixel size 3.75 µm
  • ♦ SONY STARVIS and EXMOR R technology
  • ♦ Inclusive 2.5 mm 170° all sky lens for spectacular overview images - with T2-thread
  • ♦ USB 3.0 for a fast download of the images
  • ♦ Very low read-out noise (3.3 e-)
  • ♦ Inclusive ST4 level autoguiding interface
  • ♦ AR protect window built-in - full transmission also in IR
   ZWO ASI385 USB3.0 Color CMOS Camera - Chip D=8.35 mm  [EN]
ZWO ASI385MC USB-3.0 Color Astro Camera with 2.15MP CMOS Sensor
Sony Semiconductor Solutions Corporation has developed the CMOS image sensor "IMX385LQR" for industrial applications. This new image sensor realizes high sensitivity approximately twice that of the existing product (IMX185LQJ)*1.

The IMX385LQR pursues picture quality at low illuminance most needed by cameras for industrial applications and mounts pixels with a sensitivity of 2350 mV, which is the highest sensitivity among Sony image sensors for industrial applications*2. In addition, SNR1s of 0.13 lx*3, which is the highest performance among Sony Full HD-compatible image sensors for industrial applications, is achieved by mounting an internal programmable gain amplifier and high conversion gain pixels. Superior performance as an image sensor for industrial applications is further achieved by combining HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology with technology that improves sensitivity in the near-infrared light region.

Astrophotography performance:

♦ lunar and planetary photography - extremely high frame rates provide more material for stacking
♦ 170° all-sky images and weather observation (with the 2.5 mm objective)
♦ solar photography (with suitable filter)
♦ photography of nebulae and star clusters - very short exposure times - after 20 seconds, you will see faint nebulars and galaxies.
♦ up to 1000 seconds exposure time are possible
♦ photography through microscopes
♦ autoguiding camera (autoguiding port exists)

   ZWO ASI385 USB3.0 Color CMOS Camera - Chip D=8.35 mm  [EN]

Features of the ZWO ASI385MC camera:

♦ universally applicable
♦ easy adaption by T2 thread connection
♦ USB 3.0 Port
♦ 54 fps @ 12 bit ADC or 108!!! fps @ 10 bit ADC
♦ long time exposure possible up to 1000 seconds
♦ ST-4 autoguider port
♦ extreme low readout noise at very high sensitivity
♦ aluminium housing with 2" and T2 connection
♦ with 2.5 mm all-sky wide-angle lens

This camera comes with a clear glass protection filter which transmits infrared, too. The extended IR sensitivity allows the use in infrared photography with the optional WO IR pass filter. With the optional ZWO ASICH4Filter, images in the methane band are also possible.

   ZWO ASI385 USB3.0 Color CMOS Camera - Chip D=8.35 mm  [EN]


On the supplied CD, there are two programms: FireCapture and SharpCap. These to software programs are freeware, the newest versions can be downloaded from the manufacuturer´s websites.

Manuals for ZWO products - English

ZWO Users Group

Drivers and Software

   ZWO ASI385 USB3.0 Color CMOS Camera - Chip D=8.35 mm  [EN]   

Technical Data:

Sensor: 1/2″ CMOS IMX385
Diagonal: 8.35mm
Resolution: 2.12Mega Pixels 1936×1096
Pixel Size: 3.75µm
Exposure Range: 32µs-2000s
ROI: Supported
ST4 Guider Port: Yes
Focus Distance to Sensor: 12.5mm
Shutter Type: Rolling Shutter
Protect window: AR coated window
Operating System Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Linux
Interface: USB3.0/USB2.0
Bit rate: 12bit output(12bit ADC)
Adaptor: 2″ / 1.25″ / M42X0.75
Dimension: φ62mm X 36mm
Weight: 120g or 4.2 ounces (without lens)

   ZWO ASI385 USB3.0 Color CMOS Camera - Chip D=8.35 mm  [EN]

In the Box:

♦ 2.5mm AllSky Lens
♦ 1.2 metre USB cable and ST4 Autoguider Cable
♦ Adapter from T2 to 1.25" receptacle
♦ CD with drivers
♦ English manual

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