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TS-Optics SkyfinderV LED Red Dot Finder - completely of metal 

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68,00 € 68 EUR 2020-07-02

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Codice articolo: SkyfinderV

  • High-quality sight and red dot finder for astronomy of especially robust construction
  • ♦ Ideal sight for telescopes for daytime viewing and night observations
  • ♦ Including bracket for all popular finder bases from Vixen, Celestron, Skywatcher ...
  • ♦ Multi-coated 40 mm front glass for a bright image
  • ♦ Five brightness levels selectable
  • ♦ Colour of dot can be changed between red (night) and green (day)
  • ♦ Finder and bracket are completely made of metal
  • ♦ The finder can be aligned exactly parallel to the telescope with adjustment screws.


 TS-Optics SkyfinderV LED Red Dot Finder - completely of metal [EN]

The SkyfinderV is the ultimative red dot finder from TS
This reflex sight was originally developed for sports shooters and was significantly improved for astronomy.

Robust construction and extraordinary adjustment stability have been kept, but the SkyfinderV has been optimized for use with optical instruments and is now excellently suitable for telescopes, spotting scopes and binoculars.

♦ The panes are anti-glare coated for high transmission for a bright image.
♦ The brightness of the dot is adjustable in five steps, so the use in difficult circumstances, from sunshine to night, becomes possible.
♦ The color of the sight dot is selectable - green at day and red at night, so the SkyfinderV is very well suited for astronomy and daytime observations.
♦ With its solid metal base, the SkyfinderV is especially flexible, it is adaptable to almost all finder bases. In the recommendations section, we offer matching finder shoes.

 TS-Optics SkyfinderV LED Red Dot Finder - completely of metal [EN]

The properties of the SkyfinderV

♦ Clear aperture 40 mm - magnification 1x
♦ Comletely of metal, including the bracket
♦ Adjustment stable vertical and horizontal alignment
♦ Easy adaption to standard finder bases
♦ Brighness adjustable in five levels
♦ Color of the dot can be red or green.

 TS-Optics SkyfinderV LED Red Dot Finder - completely of metal [EN]

Technical Data

Type: LED red dot sight and viewfinder
Bracket: Vixen GP level bracket and 21 mm Weaver mount system
Weight: approx. 350g
Brightness levels: 5 levels
Color of dot: green or red - selectable
Adjustment: alignment parallel to telescope with two metal screws
Coating: Coating of glass surfaces against reflexes and for good transmission
Battery: CR2032


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