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SuperView 42mm 2" digiscopy & visual - M57 adaptation 

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TS SuperView 42mm - 2"
... Eyepiece for visual observing as well as for digiscopy. With integrated M57 thread and adjustable eye relief.

  SuperView 42mm 2" digiscopy & visual - M57 adaptation [EN]


We searched long for eyepieces optimized for digiscopy, i.e. for projection photography with compact digital cameras. At the time we found nothing that was really suitable, so together with one of our suppliers we designed the SuperView Series eyepieces which are optimized for this application.

The Superview eyepieces are particularly well suited for projection photography with compact digital cameras. At the same time they also perform very well for visual observing.


-- Visual observing. The 2" Superviews are excellent wide angle ERFLE eyepieces
-- Digiscopy - both nature and astro imaging. Projection photography with compact digital cameras with integrated objective.

Advantages and Features of the TS SuperView:

-- Observing ... excellent observing comfort - eye relief can be individually adjusted for best possible observing comfort. The rubber eyeguard can be extended. You can easily see the entire field of view with or without eyeglasses.
-- Large field of view ... the 2" Superviews are wide angle eyepieces with a large apparent field of view.
-- No internal reflections, high contrast ... with their excellent multicoating, blackened lens edges and intentionally overdimensioned lenses the Superviews offer superb contrast and an image free of internal reflections.

-- Imaging ... M57 adaptation for cameras ... the Superview has an integrated M57 thread. From there it is easy to attach most cameras. We offer adaptors for most cameras under recommended accessories below. The M57 thread can be moved up and down on the eyepiece until you reach the optimum distance between the eyepiece and the camera.
-- Much larger illuminated field ... One of the biggest problems for digiscopy is field illumination. The problem is particularly critical on cameras with a large lens diameter (bridge cameras). With the Superviews you can keep the minimum possible distance between the camera and the eyepiece. This, coupled with the large diameter of the exit lens of the eyepiece, maximizes the illuminated field.
-- Rigid and precise adaptation ... the threaded connection between eyepiece and camera is very safe and also automatically centers the camera behind the eyepiece.

-- Projection photography on telescopes with tight back focus ...Newtonian telescopes often have the problem that back focus is not sufficient for DSLR cameras. With the Superview you can avoid that problem. The eyepiece will move the focus position further out so that you can reach focus with your camera.

  SuperView 42mm 2" digiscopy & visual - M57 adaptation [EN]

conventional eyepiece

  SuperView 42mm 2" digiscopy & visual - M57 adaptation [EN]

SuperView eyepiece

Practical example of the advantages of Superview eyepieces:

Digiscopy often has the problem that only a part of the photographical field is illuminated while the rest remains black.

Due to the optimized distance between camera and Superview and due to the large exit lens this vignetting is either eliminated or minimized.

Optimizing the Distance:

For digiscopy it is important to keep the minimum possible distance between the camera and the eyepiece. The eyepiece's thread can be moved up and down on the eyepiece so that you can reach precisely the best distance.

At the same time this allows you to adjust the position of the eyeguard for visual observing.

Once you have found the best setting you can lock it in place with a thumbscrew.

  SuperView 42mm 2" digiscopy & visual - M57 adaptation [EN]

  1. Specifications:
  2. -- Barrel size ... 2", with filter thread
  3. -- Focal length ... 42mm
  4. -- Field of view ... 68°
    -- Coating ... full multicoating on each glass-to-air surface
    -- Lens edges ... blackened for suppression of internal reflections
    -- Number of lenses ... 4 lenses in two groups - intentionally overdimensioned exit lens
    -- Thread for camera adaptation: M57x0.75

  SuperView 42mm 2" digiscopy & visual - M57 adaptation [EN]

Camera adaptation:

-- DSLR Cameras:
Adaptation using standard T2 bayonet rings and our M57-T2 adaptor (see recommended accessories).

-- Compact digital cameras with non-removable objective lens:
We offer an adaptor ring to M52. From there you can reach several other thread sizes with step up and step down rings.


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