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TS-Optics Off-Axis Guider for Canon EOS cameras - replaces the T-ring

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Codice articolo: TSOAG11

  • The off-axis guider is integrated into the T-ring and requires no additional path. Ideal solution for astrophotography with Canon EOS DSLR cameras
  • ♦ The off-axis guider is exactly as long as a T-ring for Canon EOS cameras - 11 mm
  • ♦ The complete optical path of the TSOAG11 and the Canon EOS amera is exactly 55 mm
  • ♦ Telescope side connection thread: M48x0.75 female. The thread can be reduced to T2 by an optional ring
  • ♦ Camera side connection: Canon EOS bayonet
  • ♦ The off-axis guider is designed for APS-C and for full-frame sensors
  • ♦ Fits perfectly to all popular correctors and focal reducers which are working with 55 mm distance. Easy adaption to other systems is possible.
  • ♦ Easy focusing of the lateral autoguider connector by shifting the T2 connector


  TS-Optics Off-Axis Guider for Canon EOS cameras - replaces the T-ring [EN]

TS Optics Off-Axis Guider for Canon EOS cameras
This off-axis guider is specifically designed for Canon EOS DSLR cameras and provides an optimized distance of exactly 55 mm (including camera) from the M48 thread. With the optional adapter ring TST2-M48S (see recommended accessories), the connector can be reduced from M48 thread to T2.

Thus the TSOAG11 takes the task of the T2- or the T-ring and also offers the possibility for guiding with an autoguider. The TSOAG11 has exactly the same length as a T-ring - 11 mm. You can simply replace your T2-ring with the TSOAG11 and automatically get the optimal distance.

How does the TSOAG11 work:
A small prism deflects a small light beam from the edge out of the beam path. The prism is positioned in a way that it does not cause shading. The stars in this light beam can be used for guiding. A field of approximately 7 mm diameter is available, so you will always find a guiding star with a suitable autoguider.

  TS-Optics Off-Axis Guider for Canon EOS cameras - replaces the T-ring [EN]  The special construction of this off-axis guider only allows one camera position. The position of the lateral insight is always directed exactly to the bottom side of the camera. That is desired, as the position of the prism is set in a way that there is no vignetting. The camera sensor is fully illuminated. We can guarantee full illumination up to a speed of f/3.8. For mounting the off-axis guider, the lateral T2 adapter has to be removed.

Working with the TSOAG11 is easy. Position the desired object in the finder of the Canon DSLR camera. Check the focus at the focuser and prepare the exposure. Then check whether the autoguider alreadily shows a guiding star. Usually, you can even choose from a number of them.

The requirement is, of course, that the focus of the autoguider connector is adjusted. Then prepare the autoguiding process and start the exposure.

  TS-Optics Off-Axis Guider for Canon EOS cameras - replaces the T-ring [EN]

Technical Data

Length: 11 mm (like a T-ring)
Telescope side connection: M48x0.75 thread (female)
Camera side connection: Canon EOS bayonet (male)
Light deflection: by a 90° prism with 7x12 mm
Lateral connection: T2 thread (M42x0.75), male
Autoguider focusing: by shifting the lateral T2 connector
Clear aperture: approx. 44 mm
Distance from the middle of the prism to the lateral T2 connection: 26 mm to 34 mm adjustable
Distance from the middle of the prism to the front side of the TSOAG9: 7 mm
Distance from the middle of the prism to the camera side of the TSOAG9: 6 mm


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