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Starscope 1507 Newton 150mm

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TS-Optics Beginner Telescope 150/750 mm with mount EQ3-1

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The TS beginner´s telescope 150/750 mm on EQ3-1 is an especially fast telescope for starting into astronomy

♦ Powerful mirror optics with 150 mm aperture

♦ Very high speed f/5 for an especially bright image

♦ Completely equipped with equatorial mount, tripod, finder and much more accessories

♦ User manual and easy operation for successful observation right from the beginning

♦ All common 1.25" eyepieces can be used

♦ The entry into astrophotography is also possible, with optional adapters for digital cameras or smartphones

♦ The telescope is pre-assembled and can easily be set up by any beginner without previous experience

   TS-Optics Beginner Telescope 150/750 mm with mount EQ3-1 [EN]

TS Optics Starscope 1507 Newtonian - an ideal telescope for beginners
The Starscope telescope series is Telescope Service´ recommendation for starting with astronomy. This reflector with 150 mm aperture offers an enormous light gathering capacity. It already shows many details on moon and planets. The large aperture and the high speed allow a fascinating view on star clusters, planetary nebulae and even distant galaxies.

The advantages and features of the TS Starscope 1507 Newtonian telescope:

♦ Aperture 150 mm - enough light for thousands of nebulae, galaxies and star clusters
♦ Focal length only 750 mm for more speed and a better overview in the sky
♦ No additional lenses which often deteriorate the image
♦ Optical finder for easy locating the objects
♦ Primary and secondary mirror can be collimated. The collimation is very stable, even after transporting the telescope the image will be fine.
♦ 1.25" focuser for all standard 1.25" eyepieces and filters
♦ Upgradable for astrophotography with drive and camera adapter
♦ In a few steps, the telescope can be disassembled into easily transportable parts. The telescope as a whole weighs approximately 15 kg
♦ An extra from TS - especially high-quality Plössl eyepieces (4-element) with 25 mm and 6.5 mm
♦ Comes with 2x Barlow lens and moon filter

The optics of the TS 150/750mm Starscope:
If the conditions are right, the neatly manufactured and adjustable optics provide more than 200x magnification. You can achieve this already with standard equipment which is included in the scope of delivery. Theoretically, even more than 200x is possible. A further advantage of the fast optics is the large true field of view. Many objects outside of the solar system are large, almost as large as the full moon, but very dim. Insert the 20 mm Plössl eyepiece and you get a bright, clear view of these fascinating celestial objects.

Do you want to take photographs?
In the accessories section, we offer suitable accessories for creating charming moon photographs or make a video of a splendid sunrise. You can even optain images of the sun by using a solar filter for the object lens.

   TS-Optics Beginner Telescope 150/750 mm with mount EQ3-1 [EN]

The equatorial mount EQ3-1:
The system mount with which the TS Newtonian is equipped alreadily offers the possibility for polar alignment. Here, the right ascenion axis is pointed exactly to the north celestial pole which is located close to the pole star. The big advantage: you can track all celestial objects by fine adjusting of only one axis. You can even add a motor drive to this axis, so the object stays in the middle of the field of the eyepiece, allowing relaxed observing or photography.

The mount is stable and low-vibration. It is attached to an aluminium tripod which can be extended from 71 to 121 cm. Thus the telescope can adapt to your body height, it "grows" with you.

   TS-Optics Beginner Telescope 150/750 mm with mount EQ3-1 [EN]

Technical Data

Type:Newtonian reflector
Aperture:150 mm
Focal length:750 mm
Aperture ratio:f/5
Barrel size:1.25" (31.8 mm)
Magnification with supplied accessories:30x (25 mm), 60x (25 mm + Barlow), 115x (6.5 mm), 230x (6.5 mm + Barlow)
Resolving capacity:0.77 arc seconds
Limiting magnitude:12.7 mag
Max. useful magnification:260x according to manufaturer
Mount:Equatorial, can be motorized
Tripod:Aluminium, height adjustable, with tray
Tube weight:approx. 4 kg
Total weight of the telescope:approx. 17 kg


In the Box

♦ Tube with optics
♦ Equatorial mount
♦ Tripod with tray
♦ 6x30 finder
♦ 2 good Plössl eyepieces (25 mm, 6.5 mm)
♦ Barlow lens 2x
♦ Moon filter


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