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JUPITER 70/900 mm

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TS-Optics Refractor 70/900mm on mount EQ3-1 & tripod for beginners age 7+

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Codice articolo: JUPITER

The TS Optics JUPITER is a complete astronomical telescope with everything you need to begin observing

♦ 70 mm aperture

♦ 900 mm focal length

♦ little chromatic aberration - no fringes around stars

♦ equatorial mount EQ3-1 with sufficient load capacity

♦ many useful accessories

  TS-Optics Refractor 70/900mm on mount EQ3-1 & tripod for beginners age 7+ [EN]

The TS Optics JUPITER is a versatile beginner´s telescope with many accessories

The refractor (uses lenses) is very easy to use and can be handled by children age 7+ It suits quite all areas of astronomy, but will work fine as spotting scope for terrestrial use. All you need is included.

As a refractor, the JUPITER can be used almost directly after setting up with little time to cool down. Adjustment of the optics is rarely necessary - usually never.

The equatorial mount

The EQ3-1 holds the telescope with a very good stabiltiy. Many other telescopes in this price range are only offered on the EQ-1 or a similar mount that is undersized for a telescope of this size.

The mount offers professional functions such as:
♦ polar fine alignment for precise setup
♦ mount can be removed from the tripod
♦ oversized field tripod
♦ manual slow motion control in both axes through flexible shafts
♦ tracking motor available optionally
(see "recommended accessories")

The finder scope

The finder helps to find and center the object that you wish to see in the telescope. It has a much larger field of view than the telescope and a crosshair.

Solid 1.25" Focuser

An often overlooked detail of particular importance. The focuser´s job is to hold the eyepiece ("magnifying lens") in place and move it into focus for a sharp image. The eyepiece defines the magnification you get. The JUPITER refractor has a standard 1.25" focuser, not the older 24.5mm size. As a result, you can choose from hundreds of optional accessories available for 1.25".

  TS-Optics Refractor 70/900mm on mount EQ3-1 & tripod for beginners age 7+ [EN]

Technical Data

Objective Type:Achromatic doublet
Aperture:70 mm
Focal Length:900 mm
Resolution:1.65 arc seconds
Magnitude limit:11 mag
Barrel size:1.25" - most common
Included eyepiece focal lengthes:25 mm and 6.5 mm
Included magnifications:36x (25 mm), 72x (25 mm + Barlow lens), 138x (6.5 mm)
Mount:equatorial, can be equipped with motor
Tripod:130 cm height,aluminium, adjustable, with tray
Terrestrial use:nice with errecting eyepiece


In the Box

♦ optical tube
♦ mount
♦ tripod with accessories tray
♦ finder 6x30
♦ star diagonal for easy viewing
♦ 2 Plössl eyepieces (25 mm and 6.5 mm)
♦ Barlow lens 2x (doubles magnification)
♦ Errecting eyepice for daytime use
♦ Moon filter
♦ Instruction manual


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