Starscope 1149 Newton 114mm Ingrandisci

Starscope 1149 Newton 114mm

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TS-Optics Newtonian 114/900mm EQ3-1 complete telescope for Beginners 8+

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244,00 € 244 EUR 2024-05-18

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Codice articolo: Starscope1149

  • An ideal instrument for beginners who want to have a telescope that offers years of fun of observing but still on a budget

  • The StarScope 1149 has several quality features seldom seen in this combination in similar telescopes:

    ♦ particularly sturdy mounting and tripod. In many other telescopes of this class, an undersized mount is used to "simulate" a cheap price, but the performance of an undersized mount will seriously limit the usefulness of the telescope as a whole!

    ♦ XXL accessory package - 1.25" standard accessories!

    ♦ serious observing on a budget! These are but some of the many advantages of the StarScope 1149. This telescope is a hot recommendation for beginners. The value for money is superb!

  • This 114 mm Newtonian reflector is produced since many years, and with a good reason: The aperture is much higher than the one of a usual refractor for beginners, so darker objects can be viewed. But the resolution is also higher, giving sharper images even of brighter objects.
  •  TS-Optics Newtonian 114/900mm EQ3-1 complete telescope for Beginners 8+ [EN]

    With this telescope you can see:

    The Moon

    Craters, mountain ranges, ridges, valleys, volcanic plains. Observe the sunrise in a crater on the moon as more and more detail inside the crater becomes visible!

    The Planets

    Observe the phases of Venus, the cloud belts of Jupiter, the rings of Saturn, the Galilean moons, ... Even Uranus can be seen with this telescope!

    The Sun

    With the optional Baader AstroSolar filter sheet you can safely observe the sun. Discover the sun spots - centers of magnetic activity. You can find the filter sheet under "recommended accessories".

    The Stars and the Deep Sky

    Hundreds of objects are within reach of this telescope. Observe double or multiple stars with their different colours. Enjoy the beautiful view of a star cluster inside the field of view of your telescope. Globular clusters are among the easiest objects outside our own galaxy that you can see with this telescope.

     TS-Optics Newtonian 114/900mm EQ3-1 complete telescope for Beginners 8+ [EN] Configuration:

    EQ3-1 - a solid mounting as the basis for successful observing The EQ3-1 mount is really stable. Many other telescopes in this price range are only offered on the EQ-1 or a similar mount that is undersized for a telescope of this size.

    The mount offers professional functions such as:

    ♦ polar fine alignment for precise setup
    ♦ mount separable from tripod
    ♦ oversized field tripod
    ♦ manual slow motion control in both axes through flexible shafts
    ♦ tracking motor available optionally (see "recommended accessories")

    1.25" Focuser:

    An often overlooked detail of particular importance. The focuser´s job is to hold the eyepiece ("magnifying lens") in place and move it into focus for a sharp image. The eyepiece defines the magnification you get. The Starscope 1149 has a standard 1.25" focuser, not the older 24.5 mm size. As a result you can choose from hundreds of optional accessories available for 1.25".


    XXL Accessory Package Included:

     TS-Optics Newtonian 114/900mm EQ3-1 complete telescope for Beginners 8+ [EN]

    In order to fully utilize the optical performance of a telescope, you need the right accessories. The Starscope 1149 includes a large selection of useful accessories:

    ♦ 1.25" eyepiece with 25 mm focal length for 36x magnification (search, widefield)
    ♦ 1.25" eyepiece with 10 mm focal length for 90x magnification (intermediate magnification)
    ♦ 2x Barlow lens for doubling the magnification
    ♦ 6x30 finderscope
    ♦ moon filter for reduction of glare when viewing the moon

    Technical Data

    Optical System:Newtonian reflector telescope
    Aperture:114 mm
    Focal length:900 mm
    Magnification with supplied eyepieces:36x, 90x
    Limiting Magnitude:12.1 mag
    Focuser:1.25" rack & pinion focuser
    Mounting:equatorial mount EQ2-2 with slow motion controls in both axes
    Tripod:aluminum tripod, up to 120 cm height
    Weight optical tube:3 kg
    Weight mount with counterweight & tripod:7 kg


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