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TS-Optics flexible Dew Shield for tubes from D=105 mm to 135 mm

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Dew Shields from TS Optics offer protection against dew and lateral stray light. They adapt perfectly to the tube

♦ Suitable for tubes from 105 mm diameter to 135 mm diameter, like many Maksutov-Cassegrains with 102 mm aperture or refractors from 90 to 102 mm aperture

♦ Material is ABS: impact resistant, weatherproof and non-ageing

♦ Flexible Velcro fastener provides optimal adaption to the diameter of the telescope or telephoto lens

♦ Particularly strong attachment to the telescope by non-slip foam rubber at the contact area to the tube

♦ Inner line with felt - absorbs stray light and also dew

♦ Ideal for the transport - the dew shield can be placed space-saving around the tube.

♦ Durable and high-quality finish - all parts are accurately sewn

  TS-Optics flexible Dew Shield for tubes from D=105 mm to 135 mm [EN]

Flexible Dew Shields from TS Optics protect your optics from dew and stray light
In clear nights, dew is often a real problem. After only a few hours, the optics start fogging, making observations or photography impossible. A good dew shield reduces the risk of fogging and extends the observing time. On the inside, dew shields from TS Optics are coated with felt which absorbs dew.

Furthermore, lateral stray light is kept away. Stray light, like the one from street lights, reduces contrast and often causes unwanted reflections in photographs. Dew shilds from TS Optics are really black inside. Stray light simply has no chance to enter the telescope.

This dew shield fits to telescopes like Meade ETX105, Celestron C4, Celestron NexStar 4SE and the 102 mm MCTs from Orion and Skywatcher, but also the short 102 refractor (102/500 mm) from Skywatcher.

  TS-Optics flexible Dew Shield for tubes from D=105 mm to 135 mm [EN]

The advantages of the flexible dew shields from TS Optics:

♦ TS Dew shields have a high-quality workmanship. The Velcro fasteners are sewn and cannot detach. The dew shields themselves are made of weather-proof and non-ageing plastic.

♦ TS dew shields are extra flexible, the retentive area for the Velcro is broader than the one from many other manufacturers. That offers a larger retentive area and also a better adaption to the diameter of your telescope.

♦ Flexible dew shields are particularly transportable. They are simply placed around the telescope tube, thus needing no additional space.

♦ TS dew shields cannot slip. Once attached to the tube, they hold very well. The contact surfaces to the tube are coated with a non-slip foam rubber.

♦ TS dew shields can be combined with dew heaters. As a result, an even better dew protection is achieved.

Technical Data

Suitable for tubes:diameter from 105 mm to 135 mm
Length of the dew shield:495 mm
Height of the dew shield:175 mm
Contact surface to the telescope:foam rubber
Inner liner:black felt - light and dew absorbing
Suitable for telescopes like:Meade ETX105, Celestron C4, 102 mm MCTs from Orion and Skywatcher


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