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TS-Optics PhotoLine 60mm f/6 FPL53 Apo - 2" R&P Focuser - RED Line

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Codice articolo: TSApo60f6RED

  • The PhotoLine 60 mm f/6 APO refractor is the perfect travel telescope for observation and photography
  • ♦ Aperture 60 mm / focal length 360 mm / focal ratio f/6
  • ♦ Image without chromatic aberration and with high contrast through the FPL53 / lanthanum glass dublet lens.
  • ♦ 2" rack and pinion focuser with dual speed transmission for fine adjustment even with heavy accessories.
  • ♦ Practical L-holder with 3/8" and 1/4" photo thread connectors.
  • ♦ Travel telescope with only 23 centimetres transportation length - enough space in the hand luggage.
  • ♦ With the otional flattener TSFLAT60, the apo turns into a powerful APO telephoto lens.
  • ♦ Ultimative wide-field telescope for observation.
  • ♦ Sharp alternative to expensive spotting scopes for countryside observation and animal watching.
  • ♦ Ideal for mobile astrophotography including air travel - for example with the Skywatcher Star Adventurer (image at left) - Adventurer and camera are not included in the scope of delivery.

  TS-Optics PhotoLine 60mm f/6 FPL53 Apo - 2" R&P Focuser - RED Line [EN]

TS-Optics PhotoLine 60 mm f/6 FPL53 apochromatic Refractor - RED Version
The TS-Optics PhotoLine 60 mm apo is THE travel telescope which you have always been looking for. Thanks to a sliding dew cap, the telescope has a transport length of only 23 centimetres. Thus it has enough space in any hand luggage. Mount the apo onto a photo tripod or an astronomical mount, dependending on the usage. You will love the outstanding optics and the high-quality mechanics.

  TS-Optics PhotoLine 60mm f/6 FPL53 Apo - 2" R&P Focuser - RED Line [EN]

The advantages and features of the PhotoLine 60 mm f/6 Apo:

♦ Clear and contrasty image without chromatic aberration. The latter is almost completely corrected through FPL53 (Ohara - Japan) and the lanthanum partner glass.
♦ 2" rack and pinion dual-speed focuser with ball bearings - even heavy accessories, like CCD cameras, is focused quite sensitive.
♦ M54x0.75 connection thread for astrophotography for threaded adaptions.
♦ 2" and 1.25" receptacle with compression ring-
♦ Generous working distance for all common correctors and also 2" star diagonals for observation.
♦ Useful L-bracket with multifunctional plate. The apo fits to any photo tripod and with an additional dovetail plate also to astronomical mounts.
♦ Always in balance even with heavy accessories - you can mount the bracket simply turned 180° around, thus the apo then is in equilibrium even with heavy eyepieces or a big camera.

  TS-Optics PhotoLine 60mm f/6 FPL53 Apo - 2" R&P Focuser - RED Line [EN]

Photography with the PhotoLine 60mm f/6 apo:

This PhotoLine Apo offers all possibilities for astrophotography or countryside and animal photography. The telescope replaces an expensive apochromatic telephoto lens. But you will need a corrector. Suitable correctors are linked in the accessories section.

TS-Optics PhotoLine 1.0x Flattener TSFLAT60

With this corrector the refractor becomes an apochromatic telephoto lens with 360 mm focal length and a focal ratio of f/6. A field of 41 mm diameter is fully corrected and illuminated. Thus even using full-frame size sensors becomes possible.

The corrector is attached via the M54 thread. You can achieve the optimal camera position through the 360° rotation.

TS-Optics PhotoLine 0.79x Reducer TSRED279

This corrector reduces the focal length from 360 mm to 284 mm and increases the focal ratio to f/4.7. The exposure times are reduced to 62%. The working distance from the T2-thread is 70 mm. We recommend the reducer in particular for DSLR cameras with APS-C sensors. You only need an additional 15 mm T2 extension tube (TST2V15) and the matching T2-ring.

This reducer is also attached via the M54 thread.

  TS-Optics PhotoLine 60mm f/6 FPL53 Apo - 2" R&P Focuser - RED Line [EN]   



This apo is also a pleasure for observing!
The compact PhotoLine 60 mm apo is also a recommendation for observing. The image is brighter and richer in contrast the the one of most spotting scopes and the usable field is larger. A magnification range from 10x for an overview to 150x for detail observation is at your disposal. Suitable eyepieces and star diagonals can be found in the accessories section.

Due to the generous working distance of 135 mm from the 2" receptacle, you always need a star diagonal or an Amici prism for visual observations.

  TS-Optics PhotoLine 60mm f/6 FPL53 Apo - 2" R&P Focuser - RED Line [EN]   


Technical Data

Aperture: 60 mm
Focal length: 360 mm
Focal ratio: f/6
Transport length with retracted dew cap: 230 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg
Objective: air-spaced apochromatic dublet lens - FPL53 & lanthanum glass
Focuser: Dual-speed rack and pinion focuser with ball bearings
Eyepiece side connections: 2", 1.25" and M54x0.75 thread (female)
Tube diameter: 76 mm
Dew cap diameter: 80 mm

In the Box

♦ TS Optics 60 mm f/6 PhotoLine Apo - RED-Line

  TS-Optics PhotoLine 60mm f/6 FPL53 Apo - 2" R&P Focuser - RED Line [EN]   


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