Flexible Dew Shield for tubes with 231 mm - 8" SC and 7" Mak Ingrandisci

Flexible Dew Shield for tubes with 231 mm - 8" SC and 7" Mak


Astrozap Flexible Dew Shield for tubes with D=231 mm - 8" SC and 7" Mak

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Codice articolo: AZ-107

  • Dew shields are necessary against dew and stray light from the side. These are space-saving and especially durable
  • ♦ fits tubes with 231 mm diameter without dovetail bar, like 8" SCTs or 7" MCTs
  • ♦ made of ABS: impact-resistant, weatherproof and non-aging
  • ♦ diameter adaption with velcro
  • ♦ contact surface to tube covered with slip resistant foam rubber
  • ♦ felt lined for absorption of moisture
  • ♦ space-savingly wrapped around the tube


  Astrozap Flexible Dew Shield for tubes with D=231 mm - 8" SC and 7" Mak [EN]

Flexible dew shields from Astrozap protects against dew and stray light.
Glass surfaces directed to the clear sky radiate much heat, cool down and might fog up during the night. They also tend to collect stray light from the side, reducing contrast. The usually blackened rear side of the secondary holder also emits heat and can cause foggging of the secondary mirror.

Flexible dew shields from Astrozap narrow the area of the sky as seen from the front surface, reducing the heat emission and therefore the risk auf dew formation. As there is no chance of light coming from the side anymore, contrast is largely kept even close to light sources.

At the same time, these dew shields are easily to attach and show almost no sign of wear after years.

Advantages of flexible dew shields:

♦ need no axtra space, as they are wrapped around the tube
♦ compensate for slight differences of the diameter
♦ simple attaching with velcro

Advantages of flexible dew shields from Astrozap:

♦ constructed of high-quality and flexible plastic - impact-resistant, weatherproof and non-aging
♦ velcro is sewn twice and will not separate
♦ attached to tube with non-slip foam rubber layer
♦ can be combined with heaters, offering perfect protection against dew

  • Technical Data
  • For tubes of diameter:231 mm +/-5 mm
  • Notches for dovetail bars:no
  • Especially suited for:8" SCT or 7" MCT without dovetail bar
  • Material:ABS
  • Diameter adjustment:velcro
  • Contact surface coating:foam rubber
  • Inner lining:felt, moisture absorbing

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